Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International
Mary Mooney

Spiritual Psychologist
Reiki Master Mary Mooney has a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Psychology and Counseling. She teaches classes in Reiki, Spiritual Development, Seeking Inner Guidance, Results, Therapeutic Breathwork and Advanced Energy. She has had a practice counseling clients in personal and spiritual growth for the past 12 years.

Mary is an absolute gem. Always coming from the heart but also guiding with wisdom, honesty and integrity, she is one of the most gifted counselors and intuitives in the triangle area.



Contact Mary at 919-389-8448 (Raleigh) or
marymooney@mindspring.com. .

SFF wishes to thank Mary for her participation in our previous Psychic and Healing Fairs and again at our Psychic Fair this year.