Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International
Suzette Foster

Therapist, Holistic Healer, Facilitator
Suzette has been attending SFF events for several years. In February, 2006 she joined the Board as Meditations Chairperson. She brings to the Board her experiences as a Holistic Healer and Creator utilizing Universal Laws. With her clients, Suzette focuses on several holistic healing techniques including Energy Medicine, Sound Healing and Life Coaching in individual or group sessions.

Suzette helps individuals open to the intricate connection between the mind, body and spirit which provides new healing opportunities and tools to aid emotional, physical and spiritual balancing. She offers speaking opportunities to be a bridge between Western Medicine and Energy medicine.

Suzette gives credit to her spiritual journey and practicing the teachings she shares for her miraculous recovery from a broken neck in November of 2005.

To read more about this incredible healing story or learn about Suzette, visit her website at www.choose2thrive.com


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