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Tera Thomas

Animal Communicator
I feel that bios should be called the I-Page--I this, I that. It's a little embarrassing, but necessary for people that want to know who the heck you are and what you do. So, here is my I-Page.

I was born in an Army hospital and raised on Air Force Bases. I'm from everywhere and nowhere--I lived a lot of places when I was young and never did find one to call home. This gypsy lifestyle suited my Sagittarian nature so I continued changing my address and my interests for many years. I designed clothes, worked in the film business, was often a temporary secretary, edited a magazine, co-wrote and edited several books.

Animals were the one constant in my life. I loved them, felt a kinship with them, and somehow knew what they needed. Though I had never heard of animal communication, I could tell people things about their animal companions. In 1990, I found my home in rural North Carolina and a myriad of animals began to teach me. Not long afterward, I discovered a book by Penelope Smith and realized that animal communication was a real thing and that many people were doing it. I took workshops in animal communication from Dawn Hayman and Penelope Smith.

I have been working professionally as an Animal Communicator since 1996. I offer telephone consultations for animals and their people and teach Beginning and Advanced Workshops to humans to open their own lines of communication with animals and nature, and to assist us to restore our connection to All That Is.

I am a Reiki Master and offer Reiki Attunements as well as hands-on and long-distance healing for animals and people.

I am Founder and President of Hummingbird Farm, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to deepening the understanding, respect, communication, and relationship between all living beings and the natural world around us.

I am author of Opening My Wings to Fly, which chronicles my journey of learning from animals how to live and walk in balance with all of life.

I am doing the work I've been searching for all of my life. I intend to continue my journey of consciousness with my animal teachers and to write about it and share it with others. I am blessed to be doing this work and I am ever grateful for it.


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.For more information, contact Tera Thomas at the Hummingbird Farm in Pittsboro, NC at
919-742-5929 or by e-mail at tera@hummingbirdfarm.org.
You may also visit her website www.hummingbirdfarm.org