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Alan Mesher ~ 2012: Healing into Your Higher Self~ November 1, 2012


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Alan Mesher

Healing into Your Higher Self

November 1, 2012

Healing into your higher self is about clearing the hidden obstacles in your psyche that hold you back from maximizing your potential, resonating with your inner self, and operating from your core power. Most people know only a small part of themselves, never experience the totality of their being, and rarely find their true power. They never find out who they really are.

In this talk, Alan Mesher will share how the path to healing your life and expressing your true power may be blocked by a hidden agenda, and how to overcome such challenges.

It’s a well-established spiritual maxim: If you want to change the world, change yourself. You are here to heal your life, grow your soul, and master love. Spiritual growth is one of life’s great challenges; we all have a large amount of trauma to heal: present life trauma, which is stored in the body, and past life trauma, which is stored in the soul. Your world begins to change when you answer the call of your soul to heal into your higher self.

It is difficult enough to find, complete, and heal trauma from this life. The trauma of previous incarnations is buried and hidden in the dark recesses of the soul, making it far more challenging to complete and clear. Until we find and clear that ancient trauma, it will continue binding us to negative patterns and experiences, unleashing its destructive force in our lives again and again. What is unknown in the psyche is far more potent and dangerous than what is known.

Physical death does not break the chains to our past. Death resolves nothing. What happens in the physical world must be cleared here. We return to the physical plane time after time until we break the chains of our karma, heal our past, and go free. Ironically, in the process of incarnating to clear the past, most people add to their karmic burden, increase the number of lifetimes they must have to resolve their issues, and intensify the degree of difficulty they must face in dealing with those issues.

Dark powers, Alan says, have a vested interest in keeping us fragmented, separate, incomplete, and unaware of our true power. If we are powerless, they are powerful; they do not want us living in the light of our soul and finding inner wholeness and freedom. He will describe a hidden history of America and the agenda to keep us from claiming our spiritual heritage and true power. No one in this world gets enough love, he says; people are broken and out of touch with their souls. That’s the world these dark powers want; it’s not the world we want.

There is enough love and abundance for everyone. If enough of us rise to the great challenge of our time, light will defeat darkness, peace will defeat war, prosperity will defeat scarcity, love will defeat fear, and happiness will defeat suffering.

Alan Mesher has been an author, speaker, and energy master for three decades. Through personal consultations, seminars, and public appearances he has helped thousands of people overcome their personal struggles and elevate their lives. He is the author of three books on personal and spiritual growth: A Journey of Love: A Formula for Mastery and Miracles; The T Zone: The Path to Inner Power; and Just Who Do You Think You Are? – The Power of Personal Evolution. In May of this year, he published his first novel, The Silent Steps of Grace, about a young Tibetan monk’s odyssey to the United States in the wake of the Chinese invasion. He currently makes his home in Wake Forest. Learn more about Alan and his work at

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