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This is a list of past SFF lectures and events. From the links in this list, you can read about the event, download a PDF flyer for it, or purchase a recording of it.

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  • Beginning in August, 2020 our talks were all done virtually via Zoom. We have uploaded the full lectures on our YouTube channel, and the links to these talks are under the Purchase column or directly from our YouTube channel. They are free, but if you find them of value to you, we would like to ask for a donation that can be made from the Donate link on the home page.

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Event DateSpeakerEventLink to FlyerPurchase RecordingsSpeaker Site
5/3/1989Veronica Vela
5/31/1989Carol Canova
7/5/1989Dr. Ethan Levine
9/6/1989John Davis
10/4/1989Barbara J. Marciniak
11/1/1989Rev. Morris W. Hudgins
12/6/1989Eustace Conway
1/3/1990Bernie Ashman, Michael Washburn & Randy Wasserstrom
2/28/1990Rev. J. Vaughn Boone
4/4/1990Charles C. Wise, Ph.D.
5/2/1990Tom Sawyer
6/6/1990Patricia Cota-Robles
7/4/1990Lee Stone
9/5/1990Margaret Fields Kean
10/3/1990Prince Hirindra Singh, Ph.D.
11/2/1990Gloria Karpinski
12/5/1990Sue Burton
1/2/1991David Shell
2/8/1991Jerry Baburek & Susan Kaney
3/6/1991Donna Spring Gulick
4/3/1991Mark Eisen, MD
5/1/1991Joseph R. Myers
6/5/1991Mellen-Thomas Benedict
7/31/1991Ginny Irvin
9/4/1991Dan Chesbro
10/2/1991Mary Mooney
11/6/1991P.M.H. Atwater
12/4/1991Ron Mangravite
1/1/1992Susan Tredway & Brendan Feeley
2/5/1992Jeff Hathor
3/4/1992Cherie Lassiter
4/1/1992Bob Humphris
5/6/1992Thomas Zinser, Ed.D.
6/3/1992Jeff Tiebout
8/5/1992Richard S. Broughton, Ph.D.
9/2/1992Virgil Armstrong
9/30/1992Dr. Lillian Ezesky
11/4/1992Jillian Grey
12/2/1992Duke Windsor
1/6/1993Tom Sawyer
2/3/1993Larissa Vilenskaya, Ph.D.
3/3/1993Gayle Garrison
3/17/1993Geshe Tsulga
3/31/1993Stanley Bartlett
5/5/1993Luis De La Lama
6/5/1993Rick Bridges
6/30/1993Dr. James N. Judd
9/1/1993Carol Canova-Reed
10/6/1993Terry Ross
1/5/1994Rev. Caroline McIntoshEarth Changes in 1994: A Lecture by Caroline McIntoshflyerpurchase
2/2/1994Dr. Alan WhangerThe Shroud of Turin: A Close Lookflyerpurchase
3/1/1994Arthur Douet Linking With Angels for Planetary Upliftflyerpurchasepurchase
4/6/1994Henry Reed, Ph.D.
5/4/1994Rachel Hunt-Salley
6/1/1994Luis De La Lama
7/6/1994Tom Sawyer
8/31/1994Rebecca Carina
10/3/1994Gary ZukavGary Zukav - Author of Seat of the Soulflyerpurchase
11/2/1994Henry MillerIt's Miller Time!flyerflyerpurchase
11/30/1994Stan Kendz
1/4/1995Helen N. Hotz, Ed.D.
2/1/1995Dan Chesbro
3/1/1995Donna Spring Gulick
4/5/1995Rabbi Joseph Gelberman
5/3/1995Penelope Morningstar & Christopher Sanford
5/31/1995Gail Geiger
8/2/1995Sri Shibendu Lahiri
9/6/1995Daniel Winter
10/4/1995Sue Burton
11/1/1995Stan Kendz
12/6/1995Rachel Hunt-Salley
1/3/1996Steve Nelson
1/31/1996Susan Hirschberger
3/6/1996Mellen-Thomas Benedict
4/3/1996Marty Cain
5/1/1996John Davis
6/5/1996Dr. Julianne Bruskewicz, D.C.
7/31/1996Dan Winter
10/2/1996McNair Ezzard
11/6/1996Scott Mandelker, Ph.D.
12/4/1996Ray Johnston
1/1/1997Louis Martin & Erika Schneider
2/5/1997Dan & Rio Watsonflyerpurchase
3/5/1997Vincent Bridgesflyerpurchase
4/2/1997Conner Coward
4/30/1997Dhijana Scott-Hamiltonflyerpurchase
6/4/1997Rose Marie Boitoflyerpurchase
8/6/1997Marilyn Wienandflyerpurchase
9/3/1997Arthur Douetflyerpurchase
10/1/1997Susan Gerringer, Ph.D.flyerpurchase
11/5/1997Floyd Dardenflyerpurchase
12/3/1997Dan Chesbroflyer
1/7/1998Steven Forrestflyerpurchase
2/4/1998Dr. Alice Rose
3/4/1998Barbara Laneflyerpurchase
4/1/1998Clarice & Dent Goodyearflyerpurchase
5/6/1998Sharon McEachernflyerpurchase
6/3/1998Maryphyllis Hornflyerpurchase
8/5/1998Larry Arnoldflyer
9/2/1998Helen N. Hotz, Ed.D.flyerpurchase
9/30/1998Dr. Lee Krauss, Th.D.
11/4/1998Michael Frenchflyerpurchase
12/2/1998Ruth Hamiltonflyerpurchase
1/6/1999Maureen T. Richmondflyerpurchase
2/3/1999Diane Brandonflyerpurchase
3/3/1999Arthur Douet and Rebecca Nagyflyer
3/31/1999Dr. Jerry Pittmanflyerpurchase
5/5/1999Blaise Kielarflyerpurchase
6/2/1999Deborah Rothflyerpurchase
8/4/1999Lee Stoneflyerpurchase
9/1/1999P.M.H. Atwaterflyerpurchase
10/6/1999David Beaverflyerpurchase
11/3/1999Jon Seskevichflyerpurchase
12/1/1999Vaughn Booneflyer
1/5/2000Steven Forrestflyer
2/2/2000Josiane D'Hoopflyer
3/1/2000Suzanne Lewis Brownflyer
4/5/2000Dr. Alan Whangerflyer
5/3/2000Page Bryantflyer
5/31/2000Rachael Salleyflyer
8/2/2000Will Endresflyer
9/6/2000Marilyn Penrod & Maria Taddflyer
10/4/2000Rebecca Nagyflyer
11/1/2000Multiple Providersflyer
12/6/2000Tera Thomasflyer
1/3/2001Bernie Ashmanflyer
1/31/2001Donna Gulickflyer
2/28/2001Maryphyllis Hornflyer
4/4/2001Mellen-Thomas Benedictflyer
5/2/2001Su Geringerflyer
6/6/2001Colleen Raeflyer
8/1/2001Dolores Canonflyer
9/5/2001Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
9/5/2001Cherie LassiterMagic, Myth and the Celtic Traditionflyer
10/3/2001Carol ParrishWalk-Ins: Messengers for Nowflyer
10/31/2001Ellen SpanglerBody Symbologyflyer
12/5/2001Doreathy David BoothStories of the Angelsflyer
1/2/2002George WardThe Year 2002flyer
2/6/2002AlexSandra LettMissing Steps in the 'Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow' Approachflyer
3/6/2002Rev. Donald CooperSitchen's Discoveries About the Sumeriansflyer
4/3/2002Grace RowlsonPersonal Experiences and Healing Ceremonies with Shamans in the Andes and the RainForestflyer
5/1/2002Art PouchetFrom Polarity to Unity Consciousnessflyer
6/5/2002Mary Beth WrennCommunicating with Loved Ones on the Other Sideflyer
7/31/2002Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
9/4/2002Dolores CanonMankind Children of the Starsflyer
10/2/2002Joey KornDowsing and the Kaballah Connectionflyer
11/6/2002Kay GilleyThe Walk of Faith: Living a Prayer in the Real Worldflyer
12/4/2002Susan KaneyIn the Company of Angelsflyer
1/1/2003Drew Becker and Diana Henderson2003: Astrological and Intuitive Outlooksflyer
2/5/2003Barbara MarciniakCosmic Knowledge and Common Senseflyer
3/5/2003Dr. J.T. GarrettComing Full Circle and Cherokee Indian Medicineflyer
4/2/2003Suzanne Lewis BrownYour Hands Can Tell You All You Need to Knowflyer
4/30/2003Susan KaneyIn the Company of Angelsflyer
6/4/2003Stephen Larsen, Ph.D.The Self Liberating Power of the Mind
8/6/2003Dan TrollingerGathering Medicine: Working with Spiritual Guidance to Heal the Earth, BalanceRelationships and Transform the Selfflyer
9/3/2003Carol ParrishPlanetary Shift to the Feminineflyer
10/1/2003SFF Silent AuctionSilent Auctionflyer
10/1/2003Carolyn Kane MaxMusic and Astrologyflyer
11/5/2003Debbie PrevostLiving from Your Soul Purposeflyer
12/3/2003Mary MooneyThe Path of the Modern Day Mystic and SFF 30th Anniversary Celebration
12/31/2003Randy Wasserstrom2004: A Spiritual Revolutionflyer
2/4/2004Michael Star Mountain SteinThe Sweet Medicine SunDance Path of the Twisted Hairs and The Deer Tribeflyer
3/3/2004Dee Jackson ShellThe Fools Journey Through the Tarotflyer
3/31/2004Jeannie MontagueSacred Geometry and Healingflyer
5/5/2004Orion (Ron Scarborough'>Platform Mediumship and Psychic Detective Workflyer
6/2/2004Donna GulickCreating Personal Balance in an Unbalanced Worldflyer
8/4/2004Marie Anderson WhitehurstLiving and Healing with Crystalsflyer
9/1/2004Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
10/6/2004Tim BostFinancial Astrologyflyer
11/3/2004Rebecca NagyDeep Heart Listening To Know What the Soul Knowsflyer
12/1/2004Mark MalachiLight, Darkness and the Devine Motherflyer
1/5/2005Steve NelsonDeep Heart Listening To Know What the Soul Knowsflyerpurchase
2/2/2005Dan and Rio WatsonDamanhur An Inspiration of What Society Can Be!flyer
3/2/2005Carla BergCreating the Life of Your Dreamsflyerpurchase
4/6/2005Ron Scarborough aka OrionPsychic Detective and Platform Mediumflyer
5/4/2005Martin BrossmanNetworking from the Heartflyerpurchase
6/1/2005Eddie ConnerOwning the High Frequency Life The Art of BUT Free Livingflyerpurchase
8/3/2005Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/31/2005Diana HendersonArchangel Michael Accessing His Energyflyerpurchase
10/5/2005Julia Rogers HamrickLiving the Frequency of Joy: Reclaiming Your Home in Paradiseflyerpurchase
11/2/2005Josiane d'HoopDeveloping Your Intuitionflyerpurchase
11/30/2005Mary LemonsGathering of the Species: Transcend Barriers & Connect to All That Isflyerpurchase
1/4/2006Kelly Lee PhippsAstrological Forecast for 2006flyerpurchase
2/1/2006Michael FrenchIn Your Wildest Dreamsflyerpurchase
3/1/2006Susan ReintjesAccessing Past Lives to Heal and Transform the Presentflyerpurchase
4/5/2006Ramon RodriguezKundalini Rising: The Flame of Consciousnessflyerpurchase
5/3/2006M. Temple RichmondHarry Potter: Herald of the New Ageflyerpurchase
5/31/2006Lee StoneOpening Psychic Abilityflyerpurchase
8/2/2006Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
9/6/2006Diedra PriceGrace Awakening Essenceflyerpurchase
10/4/2006T. Raphael SimonsBirds Eye View of Feng Shuiflyerpurchase
11/1/2006P.M.H. AtwaterThe Evolving Consciousness of the Next Generationflyerpurchase
12/6/2006Nick Scott-RamDevic and Angelic Lightflyerpurchase
1/3/2007Elizabeth Wilson2007 Opportunity Knocksflyer
1/31/2007Lawrence J. HarrisEgo Good Guy, Bad Guyflyer
2/28/2007Jeff CooperThe Shaman's Secretflyerpurchase
4/4/2007Larry Burk, M.D.Emotional Freedom Techniques for Attracting Abundanceflyerpurchase
5/2/2007Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
6/6/2007Julie Lapham, PhDSpiritual Pathways for Holistic Evolution & Devolution
8/1/2007Dawn OverstreetMastering the Secret of Your Relationship with the Universeflyer
9/5/2007Donna Spring GulickLife as a Conscious Dream: Directing Life from Your Greater Selfflyer
10/3/2007John S. SpringerDiscovering Faerie Energyflyerpurchase
10/31/2007Don BrownAn Evening of Tibetan Buddhism The Faith of the Dalai Lamaflyerpurchase
12/5/2007Dan ChesbroAnd Lo, A Star! The Arrival of a New Ageflyerpurchase
1/2/2008Bernie AshmanNew Cycles for Discovery and a Rebirthing World. Predictions for 2008flyerpurchase
2/6/2008Robin LynneTrance Healing Releasing Souls Trapped Between Worldsflyer
3/5/2008Jay DunbarTaiji, Qigong, and Qi Healing An Exploration of Qiflyer
4/2/2008Tiffany ChristensenThe Divine Healing of Dyingflyer
4/30/2008Susan ReintjesThe Alchemy of Dreams Mining the Unconscious for Goldflyer
6/4/2008Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/6/2008Andy DooleyShow Me The Funny!flyer
9/3/2008Steve RogatGhosts are Real People Tooflyerpurchase
10/1/2008Eddie ConnerGet Your 'Money Freq' Onflyerpurchase
11/5/2008Kala AmbroseSecrets of the Mystery Schools Revealedflyerpurchase
12/3/2008Suzi LeonardLabor & Birth of a New Earthflyerpurchase
12/31/2008Gary CatonSaturn Opposite Uranus - Clash of the Titansflyerpurchase
2/4/2009Yellow Horse ManThe World Beyond Ancient Propheciesflyer
3/4/2009Kelly S. JonesEntering the Akashic Recordsflyerpurchase
4/1/2009Rev. Dr. Laura DunhamSpiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Perilflyerpurchase
5/6/2009Paul RademacherOrdinary People, Extraordinary Perceptionsflyer
6/3/2009Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/5/2009Dr. Mary Asterita-RobolBridging the Gap between Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Dimensions of Lightflyerpurchase
9/2/2009Suzette Faith FosterParalyzed for Life ... Over My Dead Body!flyerpurchase
9/30/2009Susan ReintjesClearing the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodiesflyerpurchase
11/4/2009Mellen-Thomas BenedictJourney Through the Light and Backflyer
12/2/2009Diane BrandonVibrant Body, Mind, Spirit Livingflyerpurchase
1/6/2010Bernie Ashman2010: A Year of Enlightening Spiritual & Creative Odysseyflyerpurchase
2/3/2010Sherrie DillardPsychic Detective: How You Can Help Solve Crimes with Your Intuitive Abilityflyerpurchase
3/3/2010Elizabeth Harper & Kala AmbroseConnect with Your Personal Goddesses, Angels, and Guides Through Colorflyerpurchase
3/31/2010Amy PierceThe Embodyment of Authentic Self, The Universal Child of Consciousnessflyerpurchase
5/5/2010Multiple ProvidersPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
6/2/2010Beth Owl's DaughterDevelop Your Personal Intuitive Power Using the Tarotflyerpurchase
8/4/2010Joey KornSpiritual Dowsing & the Simple Blessing Processflyerpurchase
9/1/2010Allan ChuckSpiritual Dowsing & the Simple Blessing Processflyerpurchase
10/6/2010Dale Allen HoffmanAwakening Heaven on Earthflyerpurchase
11/3/2010Rev. Gary DuncanSpirituality and Science: A Reintegrationflyerpurchase
12/1/2010Patti DighLife Is a Verb: Six Practices for More Mindful Livingflyerpurchase
1/5/2011Diana Henderson2011: Building the Foundation for Ascensionflyerpurchase
2/2/2011Rev. Denise SchubertCreating a World that Works for Everyoneflyerpurchase
3/2/2011Bernie AshmanUsing Astrology as a Past Life Awakening Guideflyerpurchase
4/6/2011Barbara LaneDiscover Your Past Lives: A Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzleflyerpurchase
5/4/2011Diane BrandonYour Magical World of Sleep and Dreamsflyerpurchase
6/1/2011Psychic and Healing Fair
8/3/2011Karen WrigleyWhat Is Your Animal Trying to Tell You?flyerpurchase
8/31/2011Lee LawrenceThe Science of the Soulflyerpurchase
10/5/2011Dale Allen HoffmanLiving from the I amflyerpurchase
11/2/2011Ron PappalardoModern Mediumship and Messages from Beyondflyerpurchase
11/30/2011Vincent Genna, MSWGod and Your Ego Are Oneflyerpurchase
1/4/2012Sherrie Dillard and Bernie Ashman2012: An Inspiring & Insightful Forecast for the Year Aheadflyerpurchase
2/1/2012Lee LawrenceAwakening & Enlightenment: Understanding Your Spiritual Journey flyerpurchase
2/3/2012Lee LawrenceTools for Relationships: Understanding Attraction, Chemistry, and the Laws of LoveTraumatic Memories
2/3/2012Lee LawrenceTools for Healing Traumatic Memories
2/29/2012Joe WeaverEarth Changes and Ascension: Personal, Planetary, and Universalflyerpurchase
4/4/2012Alice HoughShamanism: A Healing Path of Balance and Right Relationshipflyerpurchase
5/2/2012Stephanie MassengaleChanneled Messages and Mediumshipflyerpurchase
6/6/2012Psychic and Healing FairThe Annual Psychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/1/2012Steve LongSix Pillars of the Natural Lifestyle Pathflyer
9/5/2012Darrell SteenAstrocartography: Being in the Right Place at the Right Timeflyerpurchase
10/31/2012Alan MesherHealing intoYour Higher Selfflyerpurchase
12/5/2012Mellen Thomas BenedictThe Death and After Life of Mellen Thomasflyerpurchase
1/2/2013John Wessels and Beth Owl's DaughterAfter the Shift: What Next? A Forecast for 2013flyerpurchase
2/6/2013Dr. Larry BurkSymptoms as Metaphors: Every Illness Tells a Storyflyerpurchase
3/6/2013Amy CalhounNeuro-LinguisticProgramming: Using Our Brains for a Changeflyerpurchase
4/3/2013Rev. Denise SchubertThe Enneagram: Insight into Personalityflyerpurchase
5/1/2013Zabe BarnesSacred Geometry: The Building Blocks of the Universeflyerpurchase
6/5/2013Psychic and Healing FairThe Annual Psychic and Healing Fairflyer
7/31/2013Vincent Genna, MSWPast Life Regression for Present Life Understandingflyerpurchase
9/4/2013Diane BrandonClaim the Full Potential of Your Intuitionflyerpurchase
10/2/2013Lee LawrenceSecrets of the Mystics in All Religionsflyer
10/3/2013Lee LawrenceThe Science of the Soul: Healing Traumatic Memories
10/4/2013Lee LawrenceUnderstanding Relationships and the Chemistry of Attractionflyerpurchase
11/6/2013Deborah Richmond FoulkesHave We Been Here Before? Investigating Reincarnationflyerpurchase
12/4/2013Karen Paolino CorreiaMeet Your Guardian Angelflyerpurchase
1/1/2014Darrell Steen2014 and Beyond: An Astrological Look at the Political, Social, and Personal Climate ~ Darrell Steenflyerpurchase
2/5/2014Sherrie DillardMeet and Work with Your Higher Energiesflyerpurchase
3/5/2014Dale Allen HoffmanVocal Toning as a Path to Cosmic Consciousnessflyerpurchase
4/2/2014Larry and Arlene GreenHealing Physical and Emotional Pain through Kinesiologyflyerpurchase
4/30/2014Philip YoungIntroduction to Astrologyflyerpurchase
6/4/2014Psychic and Healing FairThe Annual Psychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/6/2014Diane CorcoranNear-Death Experiences: What Everyone Needs to Knowflyerpurchase
9/3/2014Steve Barrell. MA, CHtSpirit Attachment and Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT)flyerpurchase
10/1/2014Beth Owl's DaughterWhat's Your Sign in the Tarot? An Introduction to the Tarot Profileflyerpurchase
11/5/2014Dan ChesbroThe Shortcut to Enlightenmentflyerpurchase
12/4/2014Elly WalkerTalk with Your Loved Ones in Spiritflyerpurchase
1/7/2015Kelly Harrell and Lynn HayesRunes and Astrological Perspectives for 2015flyerpurchase
2/4/2015Chris BledsoeThe Fayetteville Incidentflyerpurchase
3/11/2015Lee LawrenceRelationships and Energy Psychologyflyerpurchase
4/1/2015Lauren Jubelirer'Turning of the Ages' with Shamanic Astrologyflyerpurchase
5/7/2015Venerable Khando from the Kadampa Center for the Practice of Tibetan BuddhismBuddhism in a Nutshellflyer
6/3/2015Psychic & Healing FairPsychic & Healing Fairflyer
8/4/2015Vincent GennaParanormal Insights: Messages From Beyondflyerpurchase
9/3/2015Dr. Mary Asterita-RobolHow Quantum Physics Explains Energy Healing flyerpurchase
10/1/2015Tamara DavisWicca - Evolution, Practice & Perspectiveflyerpurchase
11/4/2015Tammy De MirzaInspirational Messages from Your Guides and Higher Selfflyerpurchase
12/3/2015Susan MelchioneRelease Pain and Grow with Joy!flyerpurchase
1/7/2016Philip Young2016 – The Year of Achievement!flyerpurchase
2/4/2016Dr. Larry BurkWarning Dreams of Cancer and Dream Interpretationflyerpurchase
3/3/2016Dr. Theresa YuschokBreakdown or Breakthrough: Signs and Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening or Mental Illness?flyerpurchase
4/7/2016Dr. Alan WhangerEvidence for the Reality of the Turin Shroudflyerpurchase
5/5/2016Lee LawrenceRecognizing & Resisting Mind Controlflyerpurchase
6/2/2016Psychic and Healing FairPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/4/2016Dale Allen HoffmanAncient Secrets of Isis-Magdalene: The Sacred Fire of Ecstasyflyerpurchase
9/1/2016Robert RoskindStaying Hopeful and Positive During the Coming Transitionsflyerpurchase
10/6/2016Tom SpectorMeditation, plus How to Cultivate Healing flyerpurchase
11/3/2016Ray JohnsonA Planetary Right of Passageflyerpurchase
12/1/2016John KruthBiophotons or Psychokinesis PK? Exploring the Energy Behind Healingflyerpurchase
1/5/2017Darrell SteenAn Astrological Forecast for 2017 and Beyondflyerpurchase
2/2/2017Heiltje le RouxThe Oracle Light of the Kabbalah Linked with the Wisdom of the Tarotflyer
3/2/2017Dr. Mary Asterita-RobolEarth Changes – What in the World is Going on with Our Planet?flyerpurchase
4/6/2017Steven RogatResonance - An Experience in Healingflyerpurchase
5/4/2017Jeannie S. WhyteUnexpected Benefits of Psychic Mediumship and Live Readingsflyerpurchase
6/1/2017Psychic and Healing FairPsychic and Healing Fairflyer
8/3/2017Stephanie MassengaleChanneled Messages - Conversations with Aryaflyer
9/7/2017Diane Brandon and Bernie AshmanChanging Consciousness Paradigm: Your Unlimited Vista is Around the Cornerpurchase
10/5/2017Bob Sima and Shannon Plummerflyerpurchase
11/2/2017Tammy De MirzaThe Teachings Beyond the Laws of AttractionFlyerPurchase
12/7/2017Vincent Genna, MSWAn Evening of Spirit Messages, Healing and Miraclesflyerpurchase
1/11/2018Philip Youngflyerpurchase
2/1/2018Diana HendersonThe Archangels of Divine Lightflyerpurchase
3/1/2018Susan MelchioneEmbrace Being an Empath: Tools for Highly Sensitive Peopleflyerpurchase
4/5/2018Marsha WaltersQuantum Weirdness: Co-Creating with the Quantum Fieldflyerpurchase
5/3/2018Lee LawrenceA Roadmap of Spiritual Growth for All Religions/a>flyerpurchase
6/7/2018Psychic and Healing FairPsychic and Healing Fair
8/2/2018Dale Allen HoffmanForbidden Knowledge: The 7 Portals of the Magdalene Fireflyerpurchase
9/6/2018Sherrie DillardContinuing the Journey with Loved Ones on The Other Sideflyerpurchase
10/4/2018Suzanne GiesemannMoving from Theory to Experience, from Head to Heartflyerpurchase
11/1/2018Jon SeskevichInspired by Ram Dass: Alternative Medicine in the Hospitalflyerpurchase
12/5/2018Karen Paolina CorreiaAngels Among Us: An Evening of Miracles and Messagesflyerpurchase
1/3/2019Lynn Hayes2019 Astrology Influences: What You Need to Knowflyerpurchase
2/7/2019Larry BurkLet Magic Happen: Dreaming and Tapping for Symbolic Healingflyerpurchase
3/7/2019Daran WallmanHow Sounds Can Help You Heal and Transform Your Lifeflyerpurchase
4/4/2019Marie Andersen WhitehurstCrystals Gems and Minerals: Beyond the Basicsflyer"
5/2/2019Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.Putting Remote Viewing to Workflyerpurchase
6/6/2019Psychic & Healing FairPsychic & Healing Fairflyer
8/1/2019Marsha WaltersTapping Into Your Infinite Potential
9/15/2019Lee LawrenceLife as Spiritual Beings Having a Physical Experienceflyerpurchase test
10/3/2019Donna GulickNature Speaks, Nature Knows, We Listenflyerpurchase
11/7/2019Gloria KarpinskiBarefoot on Holy Ground: An Introduction to Spiritual Craftsmanshipflyerpurchase
12/5/2019Vincent GennaMeet the Amazing Technicolor Joseph of Canaan!flyerpurchase
1/2/2020Philip Young2020:The Year in Astrology: Evolution and Revolutionflyerpurchase
2/13/2020Steve RogatThought Body Mapping: See It, Hear It, Feel It, Heal Itflyerpurchase
3/5/2020Alice HoughThe Shamanic Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Path of Transformation and Healingflyerpurchase
6/4/2020Psychic and Healing Fair Psychic and Healing Fair
8/6/2020Stephanie MassengaleThe Ascension Process and The New Worldflyerpurchase
9/3/2020Rev. Marsha Walters, Ph.D.Intuition Upgradefree video
10/1/2020Chris BledsoeMy Journey with Angelsfree video
11/5/2020Garth RobertsonSacred Sound Healing: How Frequency Affects Matterfree video
12/3/2020Marcia "Moon" HebrankDiscovering and Embracing Your Divine Gifts with the Help of the Angelsfree video
1/7/2021Catherine Zola AllenAstrologically Navigating the Challenges of 2021free video
2/4/2021Suzette Faith Foster Astrologically Navigating Unique Times While Awakening From Separation and Sufferingfree video
3/4/2021Randi Light Hypnosis for Healing and Spiritual Growthfree video
4/1/2021Joseph Pio Asterita The Mystery of Earth Energy and Sacred Geometryfree video
8/5/2021Vincent Genna, MSW Is the 5th Dimension J a Singing Group?free video
10/7/2021Nicole Morock Evolution of a "Ghost Hunter": From Fear to Fascination?free video
11/4/2021Lyneah Marks The Stargate: A Way to Higher Consciousness?free video
12/2/2021Sunny Dawn Johnson Healing with the Angels?free video
1/6/2022Philip Young 2022:TheYear Ahead in Astrology?free video
2/3/2022Howard MartinActivating the Heart of Humanity with Heartmathfree video
3/3/2022Kelly Sullivan WaldenDreamwork to Awaken your Hero's Journeyfree video
4/3/2022Susan MelchioneLetting Go for Greater Peacefree video
5/5/2022Ryan BledsoeGrowing Up with Interdimensional Beingsfree video
6/3/2021SFF 2021 Psychic and Healing FairSffs 2021 Psychic and Healing Fair
9/1/2022Brian ClarkEscaping the Chaos of 9/11 with Inexplicable Helpfree videoSite
10/6/2022Rev. Dr. Temple HayesThe Living Never Diefree video
11/3/2022Dr. Darren WeissmanThe LifeLine Technique: Evolve Your Mind, Change Your Lifefree videoSite
12/1/2022Rev. Denise SchubertIntroducing the Enneagramfree videoSite
1/5/2023Carmen Turner-Schott2023 Astrological Forecast - A Time of Changefree videoSite
2/2/2023Dr. Jeff O'DriscollSpiritual Frontiers in the ER: One Physician's Journeyfree videoSite
3/2/2023Michael SandlerSpiritual Frontiers in the ER: One Physician's Journey
4/6/2023Randi LightThe Forgiveness Fire for Ultimate Healingfree videoSite
5/4/2023Lee LawrenceThe Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakeningfree video
8/3/2023Darrell SteenAstrology 101free videoSite
9/7/2023Larry BurkExperiencing the Mystical Teachings of Teilhard de Chardinfree videoSite
10/5/2023Mark Christopher NelsonDiscover the Power of Psychometryfree videoSite
11/2/2023Vincent GennaUnveiling Subliminal Spiritual Messages Behind Hollywood BlockbustersNot AvailableSite
12/7/2023Joanne Pizzino, MDConnecting Body & Mind for Optimum Wellnessfree videoSite
1/4/2024Laurel KassorAstro Outlook: Navigating the Events of 2024free videoSite
2/1/2024Chris BledsoeAstro Outlook: UFO of Godfree videoSite
3/7/2024Sharri GainesRevelation to Humanity: An Introduction to the Urantia Bookfree videoSite
4/4/2024Heiltje Le RouxLearn the Cosmic Structure of Kabbalahfree videoSite

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