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Amy Calhoun ~ 2013: Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Using Our Brains for a Change ~ March 7, 2013


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Amy Calhoun

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Using Our Brains for a Change

March 7, 2013

What would it mean in your life to experience less anger and more
companionship? To experience a balanced relationship with food?
To stop “screwing up”? Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a
simple, elegant way to help you have more of what you want and
less of what you don’t want.

How does it work? It has to do with brains and neurology—how we’re wired—as Amy Calhoun will tell us. She’ll cover the history and background of NLP, dispel some of the myths surrounding it, and describe how it can help us rewire to create change. Throughout her talk, she will engage the audience in exercises to reinforce her teaching.

Highlights of her talk include:

  • How we grow in some areas and not in others
  • How we can access “stuck” areas
  • The disparate parts of ourselves
  • The seeming contests and complexities we find ourselves in.

The words and phrases you use to describe your symptoms and concerns, your facial expressions, and your body movements are used to uncover how you perceive your experiences, and then NLP supports you to replace your unhealthy traits with positive thoughts and patterns that promote wellness and better experiences.

Amy Calhoun is a master neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and a Family Constellations Facilitator in Durham, working with people to unweave unconscious patterning and resolve their inner lives so that what they truly want flows naturally. She has studied with numerous teachers in transformative practices, including Carl Buccheit, Michelle Masters, and Carla Camou. She has an MA in transformative leadership from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Visit Amy’s website,

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