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Bernie Ashman ~ 2010: A Year of Enlightening Spiritual & Creative Odyssey~ January 7, 2010


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Bernie Ashman

2010: A Year of Enlightening Spiritual & Creative Odyssey

January 7, 2010

There is a revolutionary spirit brewing for 2010 that may shake the foundation of traditions—a symbolic energy that can stimulate individuals and nations to think about moving in new directions. The expansive optimism of Jupiter is joined at the hip with the unconventional, fast-thinking Uranus in an electrifying conjunction that occurs approximately every 14 years.

In our annual January forecast for the coming year, Durham astrologer Bernie Ashman returns to describe the astrological cycles, what they suggest, and how we can make the most of the coming trends both for ourselves and for our world.

Uranus in Aries is also big, Bernie says. From late May through mid-August, Uranus will touch down in the fireball sign of Aries for a short stay, giving us a brief preview of the next seven-year cycle of Uranus in Aries coming in 2011. This cycle last occurred in the 1930s; an earlier cycle ignited the California Gold Rush of 1849. It’s an impulsive cycle in that the planet and sign like to act first and think later; it offers “reinventing yourself” fuel to push into an exciting future and will stir some individuals to move beyond their comfort zones into unexplored territory.

The north node of the Moon will be in earthy Capricorn (representing ambition), balanced by the south node in watery Cancer (for a sense of security). This is an opportunity to rediscover past life talents if we walk with sensitive steps to balance our outer-world directed Capricorn roles with the support of our inner and emotional Cancer sides.

Bernie will also talk about the progressed chart of the United States and about Barack Obama’s personal chart—along with the challenges he and the rest of the world are facing. Saturn entered Libra on October 29, 2009, which represents its return in the 1776 chart of the United States. Libra is connected to partnerships and relationships, thus it appears the world may be redefining these two life arenas. All the more intriguing, according to Bernie, is Saturn’s square aspect with Pluto, currently residing in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.

What does it all mean? Come and let Bernie enlighten you. He has a marvelous talent for explaining it all in clear enough terms for the astrologically uninitiated to understand, while providing enough technical details to satisfy astrology professionals and serious amateurs.

In the early 1970s, Bernie Ashman arrived in Atlanta with a new degree, a new wife, and a new interest in spirituality. He found a mentor in Soul on Fire author Peter Calhoun at his metaphysical center, and then later found (or was found by!) The Astrology of Personality by French author Dane Rudhyar. Bernie discovered that astrology is his calling. He now has clients from all over the world, and has widened his scope to include writing, lecturing, teaching, and mentoring. He is known for his ability to tune into the reality a client is living and for being a catalyst for growth and inspiration.

He has published several popular astrology books including Astrological Games People Play (about astrology, psychology, and how to use our astrological traits for self-growth); RoadMap to your Future: A Quick Guide to Transits and Progressions (an interpretation of the cycles we encounter in our lives); and SignMates: Understanding the Games People Play (about relationships). In late 2001, Llewellyn published Civilization Under Attack, which includes a chapter by Bernie, “Psychology of Terrorism.” In collaboration with Matrix Software, he wrote the interpretive text for several astrological software programs—such as Simpaticos and Past Life Chart; last January, Cosmic Patterns Software released his latest software program, The Earth Mandala.

Bernie lives happily in Durham, NC, with Beth and Mocha—his wife and their Siamese cat. Learn more about him and his work at his website,

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