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Blaise Kielar ~ Sound and Transformation: The Awesome Power of Music ~ May 6, 1999


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Blaise Kielar

Sound and Transformation: The Awesome Power of Music

May 6, 1999

Heralded Musician Blaise Kielar says the right sounds, put togetber im tbe right way, can change yoar life.

On this very experiential evening you will embark on a voyage to,rediscover the powerful influence of music and sound on your health and happiness.

As you explore the sacred building blocks of music with Spiritual Musician Blaise Kielar, you will learn how and why music affects us so deeply on many levels – body, mind and spirit. …And travel on to use them in a conscious fashion to resonate within your body to enhance your life force. “The magic of a transformative musical experience is not an esoteric art iimited to an elite few,” Blaise said. “It is available to anyone, either alone or in a group. Although often aided by primal instruments like the didgeridoo, sacred chants in ancient languages, or the deep resonance of gongs and singing bowls, it can also be
catalyzed by a traditional instrument like the violin, by a child’s simple song, or by a certain pop song emerging with startling timing from your car radio.”

The usual format will be modified to encourage the creation of a sacred community of sound. The opening meditation will weave guided imagery with powerful live musical sounds. Blaise will then discuss ancient and modern sonic practices, with demonstrations and group participation. Techniques also will be presented for use in daily meditative practice. After the break, the “world-blend” band Rhythm Prayer will perform. Some chairs will be moved to encourage creative dancing.

Blaise studied the healing aspects of music with Don Campbell (author of The Mozart Effect), Shabda Yoga (the yoga of sacred sound), Russill Paul and improvisation with Paul Winter and Matt Glaser.


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