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Clarice and Dent Goodyear ~ The Incredible Power of Tantric Sex ~ April 2, 1998


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Clarice and Dent Goodyear

The Incredible Power of Tantric Sex

April 2, 1998

Clarice and. Dent Goodyenr, experts in what they call Sky Dancing Tantra, say the way to a better spiritaal experience is a better
sexual-experience!They will be speaking on April 2 and teaching a workshop on April 4.

Most of us have spent enormous energy studying and exploring our spiritual nature, our connection to the Divine, our relationship to the
lnfinite Mystery. But, have we ever asked ourselves this question: ls it possible that our sexuality and our spirituality might be connected? can
creating a better sex lile for ourselves possibly be another doorway, a different path leading us to an even more profound experience of our
spiritual selves?

Clarice and Dent Goodyear of Charlotte studied for years with some of the world’s leading experts to find the answers to those and similar
questions, and they will share their findings at our April 2 meeting. Clarice and Dent spent years working with internationally famous teacher and bestselling author Margo Anand (The Art of Sexual Ecstasy; The Art of Sexual Magic) who for more than twenty years has helped thousands across Europe and America enrich their lives by teaching them to develop the powerful relationship between their sexuality and their spirituality through specific, learnable practices Margo calls SkyDancing Tantra. Then, in 1997 they completed the first skyDancing Teacher Training certification Program in America and are now themselves
licensed SkyDancing Tantra teachers.

ln their SkyDancing playshops, Clarice and Dent teach participants, step by step, how to generate physical sexual arousal in the genitals and how to move that energy through the rest of the body. After first learning to connect sexual energy with the heart, participants can begin to join that energy with the spiritual center at the crown of the head, making the energetic connection of body, heart and spirit. In experiencing the many exercises and processes of SkyDancing Tantra, many people report wonderfully powerful healing of past sexual wounds and a deeper opening to who they are as sexual and spiritual beings.



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