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Darrell Steen ~ 2017 Astrological Forecast ~ January 5, 2017


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Darrell Steen

2017 Astrological Forecast

January 5, 2017

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Video Preview Clip [youtube]https://youtu.be/7vFirYuWJ8k[/youtube]

Darrell Steen will discuss a configuration that starts December 2017 and peaks with January 2020. It is related to the financial crash of 2008 and indicates where the next problem will be. NOW is the time to begin to prepare and while some of it will be difficult, some of it can be quite good.

The first part of Darrell’s presentation will be in the context of a select number of individuals’ natal charts from the audience, which he will provide, and give individual interpretations about how it will manifest in each person and the future potentials; however, even without your chart, the issues around this planetary configuration will be understood very clearly. (For a chance to participate, follow the instructions under How to Participate with Your Personal Birth Chart below.)

How it affects the chart of the United States will also be presented.

The second part of the presentation will be about the future of mankind in general. Astrology offers a perspective about the state of the world with the current set of crises—politically, socially, and climatologically—and how each individual can contribute, or otherwise, to the future of our species and the planet.

Darrell, a Professional Astrologer, describes himself as having a practical and down-to-earth philosophy, and his readings as taking a psychological approach that helps clients see the basic motivating forces in their lives. He had his first horoscope reading when he was 16 years old and he was so impressed with the astrologer’s accuracy he began studying right away. He is fascinated by the perspective that astrology offers. It’s better than anything he found in psychology, religion, or philosophy. He has practiced professionally, full-time, for over 35 years and enjoys a world-wide clientele including Australia, France, England, Uruguay, and Ecuador. Darrell was a frequent guest on numerous radio shows, and had his own weekly radio show for two years in Wichita. Both his 2012 presentation on astrocartography (re-location astrology), and his 2014 astrological forecast for Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (SFF), were well received. He has been a popular practitioner in SFF’s annual Psychic & Healing Fair Fundraisers.

Darrell is the author of Astrocartography: New Directions (available January 2017). His next book will be Pluto – The First Kuiper Belt Object (available in 2017). He is also working on putting the text he wrote for the Transits and Maps Reading in book form. Learn more about Darrell and his work at www.darrellsteenastrology.com.


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