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Deborah Richmond Foulkes ~ Have We Been Here Before? Investigating Reincarnation ~ Nov 7, 2013


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Deborah Richmond Foulkes

Have We Been Here Before? Investigating Reincarnation

Nov 7, 2013


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Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSAScot, CM, has followed an unusual path—mediumship and academic, historical research—to prove that past lives are a fact and that reincarnation is not just desirable, but necessary, for soul growth and development. She shows us how facts about previous incarnations revealed through messages from Spirit can be verified through original, historical documents. The importance of her discovery is that the personality of the soul remains constant lifetime over lifetime.

In 2002, Deborah learned through her spirit guide Sir William Douglas that she had been his wife, Lady Eleanora Lovaine, in 1288. Four years and 34 trips to Scotland and England later, she substantiated the information, and more, through academic research. Her research became the basis of three books, known as The Douglas Trilogy, on the medieval Scottish Douglas Clan. Since the books’ publication, some of her children and grandchildren from that lifetime have revealed to her their subsequent lifetimes. For example, Archibald Douglas, her son from 1296-1333, was most recently Toby Hopkins, a US Marine who died in Viet Nam in 1968; she has since confirmed this lifetime through research.

She is a Certified Medium in the Spiritualist Church, an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity degree, a graduate of mediumship courses at the Morris Pratt Institute and Arthur Findlay College in England, and a Reiki practitioner and teacher. She has studied past life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss and has developed an oracle deck for past life readings. Her work in mediumship and reincarnation research has been cited in numerous other publications, and she has been featured in several media outlets including Raleigh’s NBC-17. She gives private readings, including regressions, in person or by phone from her home in Raleigh, and one or two days a month at Dancing Moon Books and Gifts. Her book Right of Passage: What the Dead Say about Reincarnation is a template anyone can use to prove the existence of past lives.

To learn more about Deborah and her work, visit her website www.SkyBear.com.

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