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dhijana scott-harmony ~ The Medicine of the Next Century ~ May 1, 1997


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dhijana scott-harmony

The Medicine of the Next Century

May 1, 1997

We all want a higher matrix of health, happiness, abundance and understanding in our lives-that’s one of the reasons we seek more and more knowledge and experience through spiritual groups such as SFF. And, every once in a while, someone comes along who can help guide us on the path.

dhijana scott-harmony BSN, RN of Charlotte says she can do that through a process she calls Transformational Energy Healing. ‘Transformational Energy Healing empowers us to use our own awareness to identify and change energy patterns blocking our wholeness and our spiritual growth,” she says. “l call it finding and removing the veils to our mastery. Advanced energy healing is truly soul centered healing. Our lives are complicated by interpersonal, familial, professional, past life and environmental stressors.

Energy healing addresses all of these layers of your life.” dhijana, a certified advanced energy healer recently established Crossroads Healing lnstitute in Charlotte to promote self healing and planetary awakening at the local level, and StressMasters Unlimited, a new service to provide stress management and deep pain relief. She works in both ventures with her husband Dr. Don Swarthout. dhijana also edits a newsletter, the CHI Times.

She has worked as a trainer and assistant faculty member for the Robert T. Jaffe School of Energy Mastery in Sedona, AZ where she got her certification. In addition,  she is also accomplished in natural healing, nutrition and traditional healing ways.



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