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S. Dillard & B. Ashman ~ 2012: An Inspiring & Insightful Forecast for the Year Ahead ~ Jan 5, 2012


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Sherrie Dillard & Bernie Ashman

2012: An Inspiring & Insightful Forecast for the Year Ahead

Jan 5, 2012

Beyond the hype, 2012 promises to be a quite powerful year full of opportunities for those who navigate carefully. Some hints? It will prove to be an exciting presidential election year. Our up-and-down economy may improve. We’ll have unique opportunities to grow intuitively. You may be called to reboot your career or business, find a soul mate, or move geographically to make yourself more successful.

Two of our favorite local speakers—both Llewellyn authors and internationally known—team up to give us their outlook on the portentous year ahead.

Sherrie Dillard, M. Div., will begin the evening with her intuitive view of 2012. It promises to be a year of unfolding and a loosening of boundaries between established and conventional worldly power and the individual and collective spirit. Spiritual energy of tsunami proportions is approaching, she says; she will describe political, environmental, and social changes she foresees in the coming year and suggest how we can make the most of the opportunities that are presented.

A professional psychic, medium, counselor, and teacher for over 25 years, Sherrie serves an international clientele from her practice in Durham and has been a frequent participant in SFF’s annual Psychic & Healing Fairs. She is dedicated to her own intuitive-psychic and spiritual journey and believes that intuitive development is a spiritual refinement process that manifests in one’s life as joy, connectedness to all of life, and an inner conscious communion with the divine. She has published two books about discovering and developing intuitive skills.

In the second half of the program, Durham astrologer Bernie Ashman will give us his astrological forecast. He’ll peek at the astrological charts of the key presidential candidates and how 2012 looks for them. On the economy, he’ll describe “fascinating windows” to greater wealth through business success, inventing new ideas to present to the world, or taking a hobby or idea into marketable wealth. And the Neptune-in-Pisces cycle that begins on February 3, he says, “offers a new wave of creativity for everyone.”

Bernie has published several popular astrology books and a number of astrology software programs. He has a marvelous gift for explaining astrology in clear enough terms for the uninitiated to understand, while providing enough technical details to satisfy professionals and serious amateurs. He has proven to be one of our best and most popular speakers.

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