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Earth Changes in 1994 ~ Caroline McIntosh ~ January 6, 1994


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Earth Changes in 1994

Caroline McIntosh

January 6, 1994

On Thursday, January 6, at 7:30 pm Reverend Caroline Mclntosh will discuss the changes that are likely to occur in the new year. Caroline, who hails from Ontario, Canada,  is a student of life an all it offers. A world traveler, speaker and author, her career has ranged from fiftteen years in the Canadian military to Physical Education and Recreational Instructor setting up teen programs and day care centers. She has been trained in a long list of healing techniques including; The Results System, Thymokineseology, Reflexology, Mariel Healing, Reiki, Dream Analysis, Mediumship, Isotherepy and many more.

In her lecture, she will predict major (and minor) developments for 1994, both for the Earth ae well as how individuals will be personally affected. Based on a drawing from all attendees, one individual will receive personal predictions on how they can serve in the greater scheme of things in the coming year. Caroline draws from her extensive and varied background to draw a unique perspective in making her predictions. She feels that while it is nice to know what is happening in the future for the earth, if, is more relevant, for most people to have some knowledge of what is in store for them personally.

Caroline has recently been on a two month lecture/workshop tour, written a children’s book, done a TV special on Spiritual and Psychic development and maintained a steady stream of private consultations. One never knows where or what she may be found doing next. One only knows that it is inspired by Spirit and Joy. Caroline is driven to help people recognize their divinity in accordance of their Free Will.  She seeks to raise awareness and hopes that you may be the “100th Monkey”: the one who will manifest a quantum leap not only in your own consciousness, but in that of mankind.

Join us in welcoming Caroline to North Carolina and in gaining a glimpse of what 1994 has in store for us. Our January ‘prediction lectures’ are always interesting and popular. This one is no exception. Caroline McIntosh is a sincere, funny, sensitive, gifted, dedicated and intelligent speaker who refuses to limit herself or others. An excellent and experienced speaker, this is a lecture you will not want to miss.


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