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Gary Caton ~ Saturn Opposite Uranus ~ Clash of the Titans~ January 1, 2009


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Gary Caton

Saturn Opposite Uranus ~ Clash of the Titans

January 1, 2009

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We are hard-wired with a need to anticipate the future, and the zodiac and solar calendar have long been significant tools in the attempt to do so. With the advent of modern psychological astrology, our gaze extends from the Earth skyward, seeking to unite inner experience with outer experience and thereby replace the notion of fate with one of personal empowerment.

Join us in January for our most popular event, the annual forecast for the coming year. Astrologer Gary Caton brings us this year’s edition, describing the expected effects of the Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle.

Gary P. Caton is an eclectic astrologer based in Asheville, NC. He teaches and consults an international clientele, and is published frequently in astrological journals, including: The Mountain Astrologer, Considerations, Horoscope Guide, Geocosmic Journal, and The International Astrologer. He publishes a weekly blog outlining astrological current events, as well as a twice-monthly “Goddess Astrology” podcast. Gary speaks frequently at various astrological groups and conferences and was recently one of only 150 astrologers invited to speak at the largest astrology conference in the world, the United Astrology Conference 2008.

The primary astrological influence in 2009 is the opposition of the two titans Saturn and Uranus. Occurring in 45-year cycles—the last one in the 1960s—this alignment is a harbinger of generational struggles for a paradigm shift in the world order. Saturn is primarily cold and depletes energy; Uranus is primarily hot, and excites. When hot and cold meet in nature, we have thunderstorms.

Native Americans believed this interplay brought vitalizing energy from the Sky to the Earth to be used by humans. These oppositions seem to challenge us to develop an awareness that through careful, practical planning, utility and efficiency can be perfected, making possible a progressive, sustainable technological culture and linking the individual to the global community – perhaps even with the infinite cosmos. On a personal level, the biggest challenge of these oppositions may be to keep our balance and avoid getting pulled to one or the other extreme of the polarity. The tendency with an opposition is to embrace one side of the polarity and project the other side onto someone else, which is fine if we are seeking to learn through the process. Growth is inherent in this opposition; avoidance of growth only results in catastrophe!

Gary will also show us how the monthly lunar cycle of which we are all aware is the basic building block for astrological understanding; explain how the opposition is different from other alignments; and suggest how we can harmonize with its essential vibrations.

To learn more about Gary, listen to his free podcast, read your free horoscopes, or claim your free newsletter and free astrology report, visit him at

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