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Get Your “Money Freq” On ~ Eddie Conner ~ October 2, 2008


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Get Your “Money Freq” On

Eddie Conner

October 2, 2008

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Are you tired of doing without money? Are you bored with financial hardships? Are you one of the countless, hardworking people desperately attempting to make your dreams a reality, BUT you can’t seem to get where you want to go?

Eddie Conner is serious about healing America’s “real” crack problem, “The Big BUT Syndrome”—the money-BUTS of negative emotion and self-doubt that extinguish our dreams. So he teaches people how to get their “Money Freq On” with practical ways to kick your own BUT and enhance your money, your career, and love.

Psychic since childhood, Eddie left North Carolina in 1995 for Los Angeles to succeed in metaphysical media and spiritual authorship. He has achieved international applause as an author, speaker, and humorist, and as the creator of Meta-Fun-ics®— “Making Metaphysics Fun.” His book Kicking the Big BUT Syndromereceived a Top Performer Award and Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice recognition; he recently released his first DVD, Living the Hi-Frequency Life! He is a columnist for The Caster, Power Agent, Meta Arts, and Inner Change magazines; facilitates world tours and spiritual retreats; hosts the television show “Living the Hi-Frequency Life” and the radio show “Hi-Frequency Living” at LATalkRadio.com; and is working on two television shows for national syndication. Learn more about Eddie, and see a clip of his DVD, at www.EddieConner.com.

Everyone has a money frequency—our “Money Freq.” Even when we’re sleeping we’re vibrating a frequency about our monetary matters. Everyone desires a better quality of life. As humans, we must achieve harmony with the essence of dollars in order to attract the dollars.

With Eddie’s trademarked methodology, which includes healing through humor, actionable acronyms, Meta-FUN-ics and Eddie’s vibratory vernacular, we’ll learn new ways to “Think Outside the Money BUT” and “Unlock the Universe Within” to clear old beliefs that may accidentally be self-sabotaging us; then we’ll spin our existing poverty consciousness into a prosperity consciousness and be elevated higher into BUT-Free Living principles.

A copy of Eddie’s new DVD will be given as a door prize; his books, CDs, DVDs, and gift cards will be available for sale.

Join us for Eddie’s “BUT Loads of Hi-Drequency Laughter”; bring a friend and laugh your way into enlightenment.

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