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Ghosts are Real People, Too – Clearing the Path to Spirit ~ Steven Rogat ~ September 4, 2008


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Ghosts are Real People, Too – Clearing the Path to Spirit

Steven Rogat

September 4, 2008

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Ghosts, Earthbound spirits, the wandering souls of loved ones, the Near dead, and astral travelers are all around us. What ties them to the Earth and to us? Do we attract them, are they attracted to us, or both? Are they comfortable where they are? Are they to be feared and avoided, or befriended and kept close to our hearts?

Steven Rogat is a metaphysical consultant, adjunct university professor, licensed professional counselor, and body worker; his work as a medical and emotional intuitive and shamanic healer encompasses influences from indigenous healers of the Hawaiian, Mexican, and Native American traditions. He is gifted with an ability to touch others’ lives with wisdom, humor, insight, and healing. In his talk with us he will tell us about wandering ghosts and Earthbound souls and show us how we can help them—and ourselves—reach a deeper level of healing, completion, and peace in Spirit.

In 1987, Steven and Marcia Rogat founded The Creative Thought Center to offer a wide variety of services for professional and personal growth, healing, and inspiration. Through classes, lectures, custom-tailored seminars, books, and private appointments, the center provides many pathways toward realizing the unlimited, creative potential of the human spirit.

Steven is the author of an online column, the “Body/Mind Health Corner™,” and the book Healing Thoughts: Applying Therapeutic Shamanism in your Daily Life, which gives direction and guidance for your personal healing journey; and he is co-author, with Marcia Rogat, of Spirit Journeys: Freeing the Soul in this Life and Beyond, a book about wandering ghosts and Earthbound souls in search of completion. A third book, Kid-to-Kid: A Facilitator’s Guide to Empowering Students through Open Discussion, is a valuable resource for teachers, advisors, and counselors who want to help young teens learn how to listen and speak from the heart.

A copy of Spirit Journeys will be offered as a door prize at the event; it and Healing Thoughts will be available for sale, with 10 percent going to SFF.

To learn more about the books, Steven, and his work, go to www.CreativeThought.org.

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