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Gloria Karpinski – Barefoot on Holy Ground: An Introduction to Spiritual Craftsmanship



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Gloria Karpinski, a holistic counselor, spiritual director, teacher and author based in Winston-Salem, will talk about how to stay spiritually balanced and grounded as the patterns of our lives and the entire Universe keep evolving faster and faster.

Saturday Workshop Offered Too!: Gloria will also offer a Saturday, Nov. 9, workshop from 9 am until 5:30 pm, titled “Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship” in the upstairs Multipurpose Room at Unity of the Triangle. To pre-register and learn more, click here.


Gloria’s lecture will be based on her book, Barefoot on Holy Ground: Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship, which offers basic truths for crafting and living a practical spiritual life.

“As we experience the evolutionary shift now occurring in the Universe, the patterns of our lives are speeding up,” she says. “Projects, people and events are coming to us at a blurring rate. We may wonder what to accept and what to reject. We may also ask, ‘How do I support growth in my corner of the world with positive action and at the same time accept that everything is as it should be?’”

Gloria says that we need to be both still and skilled to stay consciously poised and balanced during this significant energy shift, which can produce a lot of personal and global chaos. It is a time, she says, when everything hidden has to come to light.

“Once we awaken and are committed, we become caretakers of the new vision for our Earth. That vision asks us to become ‘practical mystics’ whose inspirations are from the heavens and whose feet are on the ground.”

In a quote from her book, Gloria writes, “With every step on the Path, we are invited deeper into a love that is both mysterious and so practical that it transforms everything it touches. Love continually corrects our meandering and brings us back to center. It realigns us with our purpose and breathes through us into the world. It stretches us until we know no strangers to our love. Love takes us into the fiery death of lies and resurrects us to truths…”

More about Gloria

In her seminars and individual in-depth life attunements, Gloria emphasizes the relevance of universal spiritual principles to everyday life and to the inter-dynamics of mind, body, emotions and spirit. She has presented workshops, intensives and keynote lectures in seven foreign countries, 16 states and over 50 cities.

Gloria is the author of two books: Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage and Barefoot on Holy Ground: Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship, both published by Ballantine Books.  Both have been used as texts for interfaith seminaries and study groups, including the Center for Sacred Studies in California, where she is on the online teaching staff.

Gloria graduated from the University of North Carolina. She was a journalist prior to her ordination by the International Church of Ageless Wisdom, an interfaith church without walls.

Gloria has received a grant from the Laurence D. Rockefeller Fund for the Advancement of the Human Spirit, and the Women and Wisdom Foundation, Inc. has honored her at its “Service to Spirit” Award Banquet.

Gloria was presented the keys to her native city of Greensboro for her outstanding achievements and contributions. She received a grant from The Blessing Project Foundation in Winston-Salem to produce her book Where Two Worlds Touch in a CD package.  She maintains a counseling practice in Winston-Salem, and is on the National Advisory Board of the Sophia Institute in Charleston, SC.

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Email: gkarp12@triad.rr.com or centercircle@triad.rr.com

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