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It’s Miller Time! ~ Henry Miller ~ November 3, 1994


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It’s Miller Time!

Henry Miller

November 3, 1994

If you have been a spiritual seeker in the triangle for very long, chances are that you have met Henry Miller, our speaker for November. On Thursday, November 3, Henry will share with us the fascinating, inspiring and entertaining story of his life.  The path of Henry’s life has been directed since early childhood by his quest for religious and spiritual truth.  Over the course of seventy four years, he has had a wealth of experiences in this quest which serve as both fascinating and illustrative points as Henry conveys his message.

Born in 1920 to a loving Amish family, religion was always an important part of his life.  At age 19, while attending a Mennonite prayer meeting, Henry had a life altering experience, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Two weeks later, after refusing to recant the experience, he was excommunicated from the Amish church.  A few years later, Henry attended the Central Bible Institute and Seminary and then became the Pastor of a church in the Ozarks.

In the years that followed Henry got married, entered the life insurance business, became active with the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, went to Africa, sold hospital equipment to developing nations, earned a doctorate in Divine Science, helped start the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC, and was the Supervisor of South Square mall and was one of the charter members of M.U.F.O.N., the Mutual UFO Network.  His spiritual activities accelerated in the early seventies.  In the years that followed, he started the Stargate Light Center in Chapel Hill and the Universal Brotherhood, and became ordained in the Church of Ageless Wisdom, the Order of Melchizedek, and the Alliance of Divine Love.

Countless people have attended Henry’s weekly meditations at Stargate over the years and the spiritual, metaphysical and other organizations throughout the region have been supported and assisted by him over the last few decades.  Henry is well known for his wit, his ever shining smile, his deep love of life, his spontaneity and his willingness to help others in any way he can.  Most of us have heard some of his anecdotes, but never before has he spoken specifically about the story of his life.

We are pleased and excited about Henry’s upcoming talk.  Henry has the rare ability to turn episodes from his life into parables for all of us to learn from.  A funny and entertaining speaker, prepare yourselves for a good time as we learn from the master.

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