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Jeannie S. Whyte ~ Unexpected Benefits of Psychic Mediumship and Live Readings ~ May 4, 2017



Jeannie S. Whyte

Unexpected Benefits of Psychic Mediumship and Live Readings

May 4, 2017

Location:    5570 Munford Rd., Raleigh, NC  (at Unity of the Triangle)
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What would you like to hear from loved ones who are in spirit?

Do you believe it is possible?


What if you knew your loved ones could hear you and you could communicate with them? What if consciousness continues after the transition we call death? Jeannie S. Whyte believes being open to the possibility of receiving signs and messages from the other side can lead to a happier and more connected life. Her mission is to open the communication lines between Heaven and Earth.

In her work as a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher and speaker, Jeannie receives verifiable messages that consciousness does continue beyond the transition we call death.

In this presentation, Jeannie explains what being a psychic medium means, from her own experience. She will share what to expect from a reading and how we can embrace our own intuitive abilities and transform how we see our world. She will also share what she has learned in her studies and personal experiences, along with insights from the readings she has done for people whose loved ones have crossed over.

In the second half of this presentation, Jeannie will provide messages from the other side to selected audience members who will experience evidence that their loved ones still exist, only a heartbeat away. The messages she provides from those who have transitioned are clear evidence of our interconnectedness, and form the basis of Jeannie’s teaching.

Come and enjoy the evening with Jeannie as she connects to loved ones who wish to communicate with you. Through her readings as a psychic medium, Jeannie continues to amaze everyone with messages and answers to pertinent questions.


Jeannie is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience.

She has been on her spiritual journey for 40 years. Her spiritual journey began at the age of 28 when she began hearing an insistent message, which kept asking her to find out what she came here to do. This message also propelled her to study a diversity of religions and read thousands of books. Her endless curiosity led her to topics ranging from metaphysics to science, to self-help and consciousness. Jeannie’s first experience with sensing other presences occurred in 1979 – after many months of dedicated meditation and inner work. She found that not only could she communicate with those in spirit but also with the realms of the Ascended Masters and other Light beings.

Since that time, Jeannie has dedicated herself to building a coherent system that includes classes in intuitive development and mediumship, channeling messages from the Ascended Masters, and empowering others to access their intuitive gifts. She guides people on the path of enlightenment, providing tools for self-transformation and teaching methods for connecting with higher consciousness. She has proven that with practice anyone can do this.

Jeannie’s classes, workshops and services offer definitive proof that she’s figured out what she came here to do! She has been teaching her proven, safe techniques for over 10 years, which are held in Raleigh and may also be accessed on-line. For a full description of Jeannie’s workshops, classes, and other services, visit her website at: www.WhyteLightCenter.com/Services

Her Psychic Development courses are offered through the year with the next “Psychic Development 101: Integrity, Science, Spirituality and Metaphysics” beginning on July 18, 2017. Private psychic and medium readings are also available. Contact Jeannie at: Jeannie@WhyteLightCenter.com.


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