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Joey Korn ~ Spiritual Dowsing and the Simple Blessing Process ~ Aug 5, 2010


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Joey Korn

Spiritual Dowsing and the Simple Blessing Process

Aug 5, 2010

When most people think of dowsing, they envision a forked tree branch being used to find a place to drill a water well. This is how it started, but dowsing has gone far beyond looking for water. It can be used to find many things besides water, such as pipes, wiring, lost objects, and buried treasure. Combined with prayer and blessing, it can be used to help people grow spiritually, heal, and take charge of their lives—to find the treasure buried within.

We are filled with and surrounded by subtle life force energies (light) that are behind the scenes of everything in life, connecting us to everyone and everything in the universe. Joey Korn has been passionately exploring these energies with dowsing for 23 years, seeking to unlock the secrets of the energetic world. He asks questions of the universe, and he gets answers. What are these energies? Why do some of these energies seem to be detrimental to us, causing what many call “geopathic stress”? What makes them detrimental in the first place? How can we make and keep the energies around us beneficial and supportive of what we most desire to bring into our lives? How does this all fit into ancient spiritual teachings, such as Kabbalah, and into modern science, especially quantum physics? Joey will address these questions and more, helping us to demystify the metaphysical and apply new and practical understandings to our lives. Ultimately, he says, everything is knowable in the light.

Joey Korn has been a passionate spiritual seeker for more than 30 years. He has explored dream therapy, journal writing, creative visualization, yoga, and the teachings of others. He has been especially influenced by the teachings of Walter Russell , a 20th century master of many arts and sciences. The practice of dowsing led Joey back to his Jewish heritage, to seeing close ties between his dowsing explorations and the essence of Jewish mysticism that is the Kabbalah—a discovery that his spiritual dowsing practice validates the ancient mystical teachings. He shares his work through his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment ; through lectures, workshops, retreats , and coaching; and through his website,

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