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Jon Seskevich ~ Touch Therapy for Health Problems ~ November 4, 1999


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Jon Seskevich

Touch Therapy for Health Problems

November 4, 1999

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Jon Seskevich, a recognized world leader in the practice of complementary health therapies, will tell us, among other things, about a study on tbe effects of guided imagery, healing touch and off-site prayer on beart patients.

Does prayer really work for health problems? How about other alternative medical techniques such as guided meditation and hands-on therapies? Do they really work?

Jon Seskevich, one of the world’s leading experts on complementary health therapies, will have some answers and a few extremely valuable insights and techniques that you can put to use in your own life, at our Nov.4 meeting. He will also be teaching a workshop on Sunday, Nov. 7  for members who want more indepth information and hands-on experience.

Jon, an advanced practice nurse in the Duke University Health system, has studied with some of the world’s top healers and spiritual teachers, including Ram Dass who had this to say about his student and friend: “His recognition of the need for both a spiritual dimension in healing work and grounded, responsible social action in spiritual work have defined his career. Jon is truly a brilliant example of compassion in action.” He has made presentations to more than 300
groups across the country in recent years, in addition to his research work and local practice.

At the Nov. 4 meeting, Jon will provide information on some unusual studies now underway, including a double blind study of a healer’s ability to feel the human energy field. Other topics he will touch on include: the body/mind connection; techniques to develop calmness and clarity; holistic caregiving and the results of a National Institute of Health report on the use of relaxation techniques on chronic pain.

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