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Karen Paolino Correia ~ Angels Among Us: An Evening of Miracles, Healing and Messages



Thursday, December 6, 2018

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Karen Paolino Correia, who is widely known as “The Miracle Messenger,” wants everyone to know that there is an entire heaven full of angels, Archangels, ascended masters and loved ones in Spirit who can guide, protect and surround us with unconditional love and support.

On Thursday night, Dec. 6, she will tell us how to invite our angels into our lives so we can receive healing, messages and miracles in all aspects of our existence, including relationships, life purpose, career and health.

Be open as Angel Messenger Karen Paolino Correia teaches us how to:

  • Experience a powerful surrender technique to help release worry and fear of the unknown and to invite help, support and miracles from the divine.
  • Discover how your angels can help you in all aspects of your life.
  • Experience a powerful meditation to connect with your angels and receive healing and messages of love and support.

About Karen

Karen is recognized as a relatable, caring intuitive who has shared her talents with thousands of audience members and readers across the globe. For almost two decades she has combined her certifications in hypnotherapy, mediumship, and as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® with the development of two innovative and remarkable healing modalities, Soul Entrainment® and Soul Mediumship®.

Her spiritual journey started in after a diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 1995. During her healing journey, she had a spiritual awakening and transformation in which she discovered the amazing power of the mind, body and spirit to heal.  Fully recovered from the cancer, she says her life purpose to help others tap into this power became clearly defined. Karen, who lives with her husband Louie in Pembroke, Mass., has become an international and inspirational writer, teacher, and inspirational speaker.

The author of five acclaimed books, Karen showcases her keynote speaking expertise at industry expos and conferences across the countries. Her books are:

  • “101 Ways to Meet Your Angels”
  • “How to Contact Your Angels”
  • “The Everything Guide to Angels”
  • “What Would Love Do? A 40-Day Journey to Transform Your Fears into Miracles of Love”
  • “A 40-Day Affair with Your Self, a Journey of Self-Love and Owning Your Magnificence”


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