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Lee Lawrence ~ A Roadmap of Spiritual Growth for All Religions



Thursday, May 3, 2018

7:15 – 9:30 PM

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Lee Lawrence is often referred to as “The Man Who Reads Souls.” That is because he is able to perceive the details of other people’s psyche. His talents include distinguishing, as physical, the stored thoughts and memories relating to a person’s life history, including experiences going all the way back to conception. He likens his vision of the human soul to an X-ray of human bones.

When someone exclaims “My Life Flashed Before My Eyes,” Lee says the person is explaining the review process that occurs when an individual’s conscious awareness is no longer limited to the physical body. At this time, awareness expands outward through the memories stored in the soul field surrounding the body, in reverse sequence of their occurrence. This same event happens at death and is described as the “Judgment.” Ever since Lee’s near death experience 30 years ago, these same stored memories of other people are physical to his perception of reality, thus the description of him as someone who “reads souls.”

In his May 3 SFF presentation, Lee will tap into his vast knowledge and personal experiences to teach and demonstrate the anatomy and physiology of the human soul and how it interacts with the environment. This information can empower people to become aware that they are a soul experiencing a physical body. It can also help them grow in conscious awareness so they can experience and perceive reality directly with their consciousness, unshackled by the limitations of the five physical senses.

“These principles are what every religion on Earth is teaching for spiritual growth,” says Lee. “This is the knowledge of the saints and mystics that previously was not allowed to be shared with the public. It is the process of experiencing the luminous through self-transcendence.”

For 30 years, Lee has studied psychology, neuroscience and religion(s) to ground his expanded perception of reality in current scientific understanding of the human physical body and how it interacts with the human psyche. His studies have combined these specialized fields into one unified body of knowledge, without discounting the evidence of current research and understanding.

Lee says the application of this knowledge is limitless. He will explain and demonstrate how consciousness stores perceptual programming events, which are often created by perceived trauma. These stored perceptions predispose a person to—and often manifest as—illness, PTSD, cancer, MS, autism, gender identity, sexual preference, relationship attraction, personality attributes, learning disabilities, and psychological illnesses including depression, OCD, anxiety, phobias and many others. Lee will also explain the religious and spiritual practices of many religions and why they are important for spiritual growth.

His presentation will be an interactive event, requesting attendee volunteers for group demonstration.

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