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Lee Lawrence ~ The Science of the Soul ~ September 1, 2011


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Lee Lawrence
The Science of the Soul

September 1, 2011


Spirituality is both logical and scientific; miracles are merely science that most do not yet understand. Knowing the science of the soul can lead to a profound paradigm shift that helps us learn to experience communion with Spirit and fulfillment in life.
In this talk, Lee Lawrence calls on his studies of religion, psychology, and neuroscience to show us the mechanics of the human soul and says that each of us can use our understanding of such mechanisms to progress on our own spiritual path.
With the help of audience volunteers, he will demonstrate techniques, which he developed, that prove the existence of the human soul, illustrate the soul’s structure, and show us its operational functions. He’ll show us how, with understanding, we can bypass our critical minds to see the foundational soul experiences responsible for our personality patterns, cognitive processing, and emotional subconscious minds. For example, once we understand fully that our consciousness is a physical, tangible field, and see how it interacts with the body, we can learn to take charge and control our own fields. When we see how memories are stored and anchored in our consciousness—which he will show us—we can see how illness manifests and how we can heal.
Lee will touch upon a number of areas in which his techniques may enhance our understanding and spiritual growth, such as:

  • The causes of medical problems; their mind-body connections; the biological clock and aging process; the causes of autoimmune disorders and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Psychological development and its role in personality and behavior; how and where memories are stored, retrieved, and processed; how psychic abilities work.
  • The effects on the soul of prayer, fasting, forgiveness, meditation, and yoga; faith healing and how it works; the spiritual development cycle of the human soul and why people are attracted to specific religious groups or beliefs.


Lee had a successful career in accounting and tax law until 1992 when, in the midst of tax-season chaos, he had a profound spiritual experience that left him with psychic and paranormal abilities. A “left- brained bean counter,” his reaction was to seek a logical explanation for his experience. He returned to school for a degree in psychology, augmenting his studies with research in cognitive neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, and religion.
He now gives lectures and workshops on this and related topics, including an appearance at last year’s conference of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. (ASPSI), where he is a member of the board of directors; he is an internationally known medical and psychological intuitive, and offers private soul readings to clients who have attended his workshops. He was interviewed for the just-released DVD Kundalini, a documentary film featuring this ancient knowledge and people who have unlocked its energetic force. He recently moved with his wife to Chapel Hill from Pennsylvania. Learn more about Lee and his work at
Far from promoting religion or any specific spiritual belief, Lee offers insight and understanding to whatever spiritual path you have chosen by bridging the gap between science and spirituality with universal truths common to all religions. His goal, he says, is to help you understand yourself to a degree you never imagined possible. “You are guaranteed to be astonished,” he says.

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