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Lee Stone ~ The Out of Body Experience ~ August 5, 1999


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Lee Stone

The Out of Body Experience

August 5, 1999

Lee Stone will demonstrate the consciousness-lifting technique, Hemispherical Synchronization, a tool in the search for ourselves.

The realms of mystical experience have been the pursuit of sages, spiritualists, and psychic explorers for time eternal. And, at the Aug. 5 meeting , we’re all going to join them as we hear from Monroe Institute Gateway Trainer Lee Stone of Hillsborough.

Lee, a follower of researcher/author Robert Monroe, is set to help us understand the out-of-body experience (OBE) and maybe even find that hallowed nirvana of the “mystical experience.” Lee is an expert in the psycho-acoustical technique known as “Hemisphericai Synchronization,” which makes it possible for a
person to directly and safely experience deep inner realities. Monroe came up with the technique, Lee says, when he combined specific frequencies of sound into a kind of empathic resonance called “frequency follows response,” which caused the brainwaves on both sides of the brain to align to the sounds.

Monroe became famous in the 1950s after experiencing spontaneous astral projection, or as it has now been termed, out-of-body experiences and began researching and writing about them. Thirty years of extensive science based research chronicled by the Journeys trilogy led to the founding of The Monroe Institute outside Charlottesville, Va.

Lee came to North Carolina through the National Endowment of the Arts Artist in Residence Program, contributing many paintings to the Art in Public Places Project. He is also a musician with three albums of ambient music, a poet versed in Japanese Haiku-Senryu, a Reiki Master, and is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Page Multidimensional Cellular Healing and Rebirthing/Holotropic Breath.

Lee will be holding the Monroe Institute Gateway Program workshop on Saturday and Sunday, leading participants through the Hemi-sync process for deeper self awareness.


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