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Linking With Angels for Planetary Uplift ~ Arthur Douet ~ March 2, 1994


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Linking With Angels for Planetary Uplift

Arthur Douet

March 2, 1994

Angels are real. They are with us always and are available to guide us and illuminate our path through life.  On Thursday evening, March 2, Arthur Douet will share with us some of his work with angels. He will describe how each of us can invoke and connect with the angelic realm to assist us in the raising of consciousness in the face of earth changes.

Douet is a professional artist of world renown.  You have probably seen his work gracing book covers, in magazine articles, on posters or perhaps you know someone who has one of his beautiful ‘soul portraits’. His art has been called Trancendental Symbolism; it is beautiful, moving and ‘touched by angels’. He is a native of Jamaica, a graduate of L’E cole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and member of the Art Students League in New York.  He has worked as a professional independent artist since 1973 and has taught courses in life drawing at the University of Houston and the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  Since 1978, he has taught classes in forensic portraiture to law officers at Texas A&M University, the University of Texas (San Antonio), and the University of Houston.

Douet believes that we live in a time of dramatic change and evolution. The angelic realm is particularly accessible to us now because, more than any other time in human history, we are collectively working to transform as a race into the beautiful beings we are destined to become.  Angels love us more than we can comprehend and are committed to help us make this transition.

At the Thursday lecture/presentation, Douet will show us some of the ways we can come in touch with our guardian angels, and how we may be convinced of the certainty of their existence.  He will also be conducting a workshop on Saturday and will be available for personal and angel portraits on a limited appointment basis (see separate write-ups for more details). Anyone who is interested in angels or the transformation of spirit should attend this lecture/presentation.  It promises to be a fascinating and memorable occasion.

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