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Marilyn Wienand ~ A HARP-PLAYING ANGEL: Bringing Healing to Us ~ August 7, 1997


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Marilyn Wienand

A HARP-PLAYING ANGEL: Bringing Healing to Us

August 7, 1997

Do Angels really play harps? Even with all the interest surrounding Angels in the past few years, including a couple of maior motion pictures, nobody seems to know for sure. But, we know one who does. And, Thursday, August 7, she will bring her healing and magic touch to us at our August meeting. And, her harp.

Marilyn Wienand of Misenheimet NC might not qualify as a “real” angel since, technically, she doesn’t have wings, but she is certainly an angel in every other respect. She is a healer who has contributed greatly to the spirifual community in this region of the country for some time, including the yearly healing center at the Southeaster Conference in Gneensboro. And she does a lot of her work with her harp. Her program, The Healing Harp, will be experiential, with
demonstration and meditation around and through her harp playing. “As you can imagine, harp music is about tops in the instrument field for nourishing, healing and calling in angel energy,” Marilyn said. “The Great Mother flows through this music in abundance, too.”

Marilyn has been a musician all her life. But in 1986 her Iife took a dramatic turn after of the death of her 18-year-old son in an automobile accident. Her “dark night of the soul” period caused her to begin a spiritual search that has led her to become a healer and a harpist. “As a healer I do energy work affirming the presence of angels and my professional MAP committee,”‘ she said. “As a musician my special ministry is playing the harp for dying people in their homes or in hospice wards. I also play professionally.” Those who have experienced her healing energy and music will never forget it.



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