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Maryphyllis Horn ~ Shamanic Spirit Journeying ~ June 4, 1998


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Maryphyllis Horn

Shamanic Spirit Journeying

June 4, 1998

Have you ever met face-to-face with a real Shaman? You’ll get your chance on June 4.

Real, live Shamans are hard to come by in today’s world but we have one in our own area. Maryphyllis Horn MEd CMHp Shamanic Practitioner, moved to Pittsboro three years ago and maintains a practice there in Core Shamanism. This includes doing Soul Retrivals and Integrations, Shamanic Counseling,
Extraction Healings and teaching Shamanic Spirit Journeying.

On June 4 she will venture to Raleigh to speak to us about Core Shamanisn which she views as “pure metaphysics with an earth-centered and safely grounded focus.” She will describe how the Shamanism of our world’s indigenous peoples differs from Core Shamanism, and, why she views metaphysics as “World Shaman” training. Her lecture will be laced with many personal visionary experiences that encompass various phases of shamanic healing. The second half of the talk will be experiential as she will lead participants in a beginning stage of Spirit Journeying.

Maryphyllis is an ordained minister from Sancta Sophia Seminary (interfaith metaphysical) in Oklahoma. Before encountering Michael Harner’s Core Shamanism, she studied with numerous Native Americans, including Cherokee, Lakota Hopi and Blackfeet elders.

She will be available for consultations on Friday and Sunday. ln additioru she will teach a workshop Sprit Journeying to the Heavenly Angelic Realms, on Saturday, fune 6 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. In her workshop, Maryphyllis, will teach how to “Journey” to the realms all Shamans go to in order to find guidance and healing for yourself and others. You’ll meet your Spirit Guides FACE-TO-FACE for healing and guidance.




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