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Mellen Thomas Benedict ~ 2012: The Death and After Life of Mellen Thomas~ December 6, 2012


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Mellen Thomas Benedict

The Death and After Life of Mellen Thomas

December 6, 2012

Audio Preview:

On a morning in early 1982, Mellen-Thomas Benedict died of terminal brain cancer and lived to tell about it; his miraculous return to life is one of the most well known and loved NDE stories on the internet. Deepak Chopra, in his book Life after Death: The Burden of Proof, recounts Mellen’s journey at length because, he says, it “practically provides an encyclopedia of the afterlife.”He brought back a message of hope and inspiration for humanity, which he delivers with a joy and clarity that is refreshing. He shares his experience and insights with humor and depth of feeling. At this event, Mellen will present new, never-before-seen information, photographs, and video of his life and travels since his NDE.

He has maintained his access to Universal Intelligence, enabling him to be a bridge between science and spirit. An artist and writer before his death, after the NDE he became a researcher and inventor in the fields of quantum biology, biophotonics, and cellular communication. He is a technology and product consultant and a popular lecturer on the subjects of longevity, energy medicine, and phototherapy. He also holds a number of U.S. and foreign patents.

With a stepfather in the military, Mellen had a roving childhood until his family eventually settled in Fayetteville. Now he lives and works in Aptos, California (on Monterey Bay). He last spoke for SFF three years ago, to the largest audience we have ever had. His October 2009 interview with Kala Ambrose of Explore Your Spirit radio is still available to hear on her website. You can learn more about Mellen at his website,
Note: Mellen asks that no private audio or video recordings be made during his presentation. SFF will record the program as usual, and the official recording will be available for purchase. We thank you for your cooperation.


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