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Michael French ~ Making Sense of Our Dreams ~ November 5, 1998


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Michael French

Making Sense of Our Dreams

November 5, 1998

Michael French, a dream expert completing a thesis entitled “Field of Dreams”at Princeton University after 20 years.of
research, says guidance comes to us every night, in our dreams.

All human beings dream on an average of four or five times per night at approximately 90- minute intervals. Our first dream takes about five minutes, and each subsequent dream lasts about ten minutes longer than the preceding one with the final dream of the evening lasting about 45 minutes.

While all of us dream every night, understanding our dreams can be very challenging. So, mark your calendars for Nov. 5th and bring a friend for this special SFF meeting when Michael French, a dream expert, will be our speaker. Michael is currently completing a thesis at Princeton University on the subject of dreams, and he will share the inspiring philosophy that has emerged from his work with hundreds of people and thousands of dreams over the past 20 years.
“We are born perfect and whole, with five senses and with free will,” he said. “We put free will to its highest good when we choose to reconnect with the perfect and whole being in each of us, rather than the ego that is attached to our sensory experience of life. Dreams provide an ongoing commentary on the shenanigans of our egos, and if we will take the time to listen to our dreams and decipher their meaning, our lives can be immeasurably enriched.”

Michael says remembering our dreams is a skill that we can hone with patience and practice, just like any other skill. Things we can expect to learn include how to improve dream recall, understanding common dream symbols, deciphering dreams, the purpose of recurring dreams and more. After the meeting, we can learn more about dreams in one of two ways both of which will benefit SFF. We can sign up to join the SFF Dream Study starting this fall that will meet for two hours once a week for five weeks at Unity Church of Raleigh ($195), or we can get a private session also at the church, November 6,th-8th ($50).



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