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Recognizing & Resisting Mind Control ~ Lee Lawrence ~ May 5, 2016



Recognizing & Resisting Mind Control

Lee Lawrence

May 5, 2016

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This presentation is about the “Hidden Persuaders,” their mind control, manipulation and motivation techniques and how to protect yourself from them. Lee Lawrence examines various techniques used by individuals to influence and manipulate others. The purpose of Lee’s talk is to enable people to identify the techniques in order to guard oneself from being manipulated by them. This is not a course to train anyone to utilize the techniques nor does Lee condone such actions. We are all responsible for the consequences of our actions and the purity of our motives.

Our susceptibility to being influenced varies during our lifetime based upon our level of psychological development, experience and education in life, as well as our relationship status. The greatest variation in susceptibility is a function of the perception of self in the external environment.

Lee will examine various techniques including:

  • Cult and Religious Manipulation
  • Hypnosis, Including Induction Techniques
  • Obedience to Authority
  • Group Think or Group Compliance
  • Perceptual Bias
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Love and The Dance of Relationships
  • Logical Fallacies of Thinking

Our ability to grow spiritually is a function of the degree we have attained “freedom of our mind” as if we do not exercise our own authority over our consciousness, we do not have the ability to change levels of consciousness. This process is known in Christianity as “dying daily and in Buddhism as “non-attachment.”

The final section of this presentation examines the “Diversions from the Spiritual Path” often experienced by spiritual seekers.

Lee is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter who has a degree in psychology from Pennsylvania State University. His education and research in religion, psychology, and neuroscience bring these three fields together in one unified body of knowledge.

Lee made a successful career in accounting and tax law until 1992 when he had a profound spiritual experience that left him with psychic and paranormal abilities. A “left-brained bean counter,” his reaction was to seek a logical explanation for his experience. He returned to school for a degree in psychology, augmenting his studies with research in cognitive neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, and religion.

Lee now gives lectures and workshops on this and related topics, including an appearance at last year’s conference of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. (ASPSI), where he is a member of the board of directors. He is an internationally known medical and psychological intuitive. He was interviewed for the Kundalini DVD, a documentary film featuring this ancient knowledge and people who have unlocked its energetic force.

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