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Rev. Dr. Laura Dunham ~ Spiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Peril~ April 2, 2009


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Rev. Dr. Laura Dunham

Spiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Peril

April 2, 2009

“The good news is we are only a few years away from the anticipated transformation of human consciousness toward harmony, creativity, and peace rather than conflict and fear. The
bad news is there isn’t much time to make significant shifts in our perspectives and behaviors to turn the tide toward positive, life-giving outcomes for ourselves and our planet.”

Although our transition to the higher spiritual vibration envisioned in many prophesies related to 2012 will not come without some pain for many of us, to Dr. Laura Dunham the “systemic breakdown feels…like the fresh winds of Spirit blowing away what is old paradigm, making way for a higher consciousness [and a] creative,
equitable, and sustainable approach to trade and commerce.” In his acceptance speech on election night, then- president-elect Barack Obama echoed the title of her book when he said we face “a planet in peril”—extreme weather patterns, climate change, earthquakes, species extinction, and human-caused disasters such as the wars and global economic collapse; but he echoed, also, her optimism by calling for a spirit of hope and unity to carry us through.

Last fall Dr. Dunham published Spiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Peril: Preparing for 2012 and Beyond. It is an expression of her spiritual journey and the knowledge, experience, and wisdom it has brought her over her lifetime. In her talk for SFF she will share her spiritual philosophy and the hopefulness that form the basis of her book. “The human consciousness of the future will need to emerge into a higher harmonic,” she writes in the introduction, “in concert with dimensions of which most of us are only partially aware…If we approach this transformational era with a sense of adventure rather than with fear, we will be amazed at the opportunities we have been given to co-create a world, indeed, a universe, that is life-giving in all dimensions.” We are headed, she believes, for “the greatest shift in consciousness the world has ever seen.”

Laura Dunham has had careers in higher education, financial planning, and ministry. She has BA, MA, MDiv, and PhD degrees and a certificate in “Spiritual Formation.” The Ecumenical Stewardship Center commissioned her 2002 book, Graceful Living: Your Faith, Values, and Money in Changing Times. Following early retirement, Laura and her family moved to Chapel Hill, NC, where she opened a center to offer, and to teach, spiritual development, metaphysics, and spiritual energy healing for people, places, and the planet. With her recent book and other writings, she shares her spiritual journey and the knowledge, experience, and wisdom it has brought her over her lifetime.

A copy of her book (a $15.95 value) will be given away as our Angel Door Prize; copies will also be available for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to SFF.

Learn more about Laura Dunham at her website,, and at her blog, You can also join her on Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 7-9 p.m. for a free two-hour teleclass and conversation on her book: email for the telephone number and access code; an MP3 download will be available by request after March 11.

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