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Steven Rogat ~ Resonance – An Experience in Healing ~ April 6, 2017



Steven Rogat

Resonance – An Experience in Healing

April 6, 2017

Location: Unity of the Triangle, 5570 Munford Road, Raleigh, NC
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Steven Rogat will present Ho’oponopono, pronounced ho-o-pono-pono, a Hawaiian technique that involves finding in one’s self that which is like (which resonates with) others in the environment, allowing us to resonate with another being and assist in their healing by healing ourselves. As we recognize and heal a limitation, we can then share this healing with the other. Using Ho’oponopono, we can go beyond ourselves and our limitations, bringing others with us to that elevated state. This can apply to forgiveness, physical limitations, emotional hindrances, limiting thoughts, telepathy, bodywork, and so much more.

The evening offers an understanding of this wonderful tool.

  • Steven will begin with information, examples, and potential applications.
  • He will continue with experience and tangible results.

Through the breath, imagery, heart opening, sound, and other tools, we can resonate and merge with the elements, plants, animals, people and Spirit. We can share the healing and receive the healing, truly reaching unity. Blessing ourselves, we bless others. Blessing others, we bless ourselves.


Steven Rogat, a gifted clairvoyant, medical/emotional intuitive, and Shamanic healer is known for his ability to touch others’ lives with his wisdom, insight, and healing. Following extensive studies in Hindu and Buddhist meditation as well as Cross Cultural, Celtic, Peruvian and Hawaiian Shamanism, Steven uses his natural abilities to connect with spiritual guidance as he helps clients navigate a pathway toward health. As a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor, body worker, Hypnotherapist, Eye Movement Therapist, and Thought Field Therapist, he brings to his practice over 35 years of experience in metaphysical as well as traditional approaches to healing.

Steven’s work has been well received by health, business, and educational institutions internationally. Public appearances, lectures, radio shows, metaphysical fairs, and workshops are just a part of the rich experience he brings to the healing profession as co-founder, with his wife, Marcia, of the Creative Thought Center in North Carolina.

Steven donates his time and metaphysical experience to participate as a Practitioner at Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship’s (SFF) annual Psychic & Healing Fair Fundraisers. His sessions are always among the first to sell out!

Author of numerous columns and articles, including an ongoing column in James Redfield’s Celestine Journals, he also has two books available. Healing Thoughts: Applying Therapeutic Shamanism in Your Daily Life and Spirit Journeys: Freeing the Soul in this Life and Beyond. Find his Body/Mind Health Corner online at www.CreativeThought.org.

A native of New York, Steven now lives with his family in Pittsboro, NC.

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