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Suzette Faith Foster ~ “Paralyzed for Life” … Over My Dead Body! ~ September 3, 2009


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Suzette Faith Foster

“Paralyzed for Life” … Over My Dead Body!

September 3, 2009

“Medical miracles are just an intimate alignment with the law of attraction and spiritual principals, available to each of us. No matter if your challenges are big or small, when you stay in your power, commit to a daily practice, and purposefully shift out of difficult situations, you will reap the life you deserve and desire.”

While mountain biking nearly four years ago, Suzette Faith Foster had an accident that resulted in the same kind of injury as the one experienced by Christopher Reeve–both were paralyzed from head to toe, both stopped breathing, and both needed their heads reattached to their spines. Most people who suffer this injury die immediately because of their inability to breathe; the others are paralyzed. Her C1 vertebra was fractured and her C2 was broken in two. (C1 and C2 are the top-most vertebrae.) There is no Western medical explanation why she was neither dead at the scene nor quadriplegic.

But of course there is an explanation: At the critical moment between life and death, she reacted from a position of power, not fear. When she stopped breathing, her training and spiritual knowingness took hold; she repeatedly affirmed,”I refuse to accept this limitation,” asserting that whatever condition she faced was temporary, opening her connection to spirit and not limiting its power working through her–and creating a miraculous outcome for her physical body. When the ambulance arrived about 30 minutes later, she was talking and moving her legs a bit. “Miracles are just God being God,” she says. “As we tap into a higher power and these universal energetic truths, we should expect more miracles in our daily lives.” She is now fully recovered, living an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

Some of us feel beset by the economic downturn; add major health challenges and inadequate or nonexistent insurance to the mix, and we can feel deluged, overwhelmed, helpless. In this program, Suzette will share the teachings that saved her life and with which she has helped many others. She will help you see how to go from knowing your true power in your head to being it in your heart, to experiencing it in your life. The only limits we have are the limits we impose upon ourselves. How wholly we accept that our bodies are subtle energy fields, how quickly we are able to increase our faith in a higher power, and how we embrace our ability to create–all these affect the outcomes along our journey. With a sincere commitment to learning and practicing these principles, you can create harmonious days with improved outcomes in your health, relationships, careers, and financial matters. Those who feel challenged may receive hope and healing; those already in a healthy place will be inspired to take their personal journeys to higher levels.

Everyone is capable of the kind of healing Suzette experienced. Her stories will awaken in you the profound integrity of her teachings–that you can improve all areas of your life in tangible, meaningful ways. Dive into the teachings, and you can find peace and understand how your intentions can create openings for synchronistic events to occur.

Suzette’s passion and life calling is to remind people of their greatness, helping them thrive in all areas of their lives. In Thrive Now, her holistic healing practice, she offers energy and sacred sound healing, life coaching, and energy healing classes in person and via tele-seminar. She is a master healing accelerator, helping clients return to physical and emotional wholeness through non-invasive, life-enhancing methods. Her clients have healed from cancer in as few as five sessions, released acute or chronic pain, been able to cancel scheduled surgery, and let go of painful and self-destructive emotions.

Most of us are aware of the law of attraction, though many of us are not making it work as well as we would like. By sharing with us how she deliberately and regularly creates desired outcomes, Suzette brings the principles to life and helps us know that we can do it, too. Join us and expect to be inspired to live life on purpose and reach for your full potential.

Go to www.SuzetteFoster.com to learn more about Suzette and her work or to sign up for her e-newsletter and seminar downloads.

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