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The Fayetteville Incident ~ Chris Bledsoe ~ February 5, 2015



Chris Bledsoe

February 5, 2015

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Join us for an unusual presentation about UFO sightings, alien encounters, and the reported abduction that occurred in Fayetteville, NC, on January 8, 2007.

Christopher Bledsoe, Sr., a builder who was well liked and respected in his community as well as the father of four children, is the main witness to this extraordinary event that was subsequently  featured on the Discovery Channel. The incident began when three men who worked for Mr. Bledsoe as framing subcontractors had just finished a large beach house. They invited Chris and his son, Chris Jr., to go fishing with them. Together they drove to the fishing spot in Bledsoe’s four wheel drive pickup truck that could maneuver the muddy banks of the Cape Fear River.

While the others were fishing, Bledsoe walked around the woods to look for wildlife. Missing for hours, he sighted three UFOs that he was able to point out to his worried companions when he finally returned to the fishing spot. Frightened, they dropped their fishing gear and ran from the river, only to see the objects again as they hurried away. But Bledsoe’s encounter continued even after he arrived home. Hearing his dogs barking strangely, he went into his backyard woods and met an alien being. In the weeks that followed, Bledsoe struggled to recover memories of lost time and a complete abduction experience.

Chris reported the incident to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one of the oldest and largest civilian UFO-investigative organizations in the United States. MUFON tracks the estimated 10,000 reported UFO sightings each year, but only investigates those they consider most credible. After an initial interview by field investigators, the International Director of MUFON decided to speak to Chris personally. In October 2008, MUFON presented a special that was carried by the Discovery Channel in the mini-series entitled “UFOs over Earth.”

Chris will describe to us this amazing encounter that ultimately lasted over four hours. He will further explain how the incident has changed him and his view of the world. In the eight years since his first meeting, Chris has experienced an ongoing relationship with the aliens. As he says, “The beings have taught me much.” A book is in progress which has an option for a major motion picture.

Chris is a commercial pilot who from 1986 to 2005 owned an award winning construction business in Fayetteville, NC. He was nominated as Business Man of the Year in 2003. He is also a rescue scuba diver , and prior to his encounter was a noted hunter on record as having killed one of the largest bears ever reported in North Carolina. But since his experience he has given up the sport of hunting.

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