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God and Your Ego Are One ~ Vincent Genna, MSW

December 1, 2011
7:15 am EST
- 9:30 pm EST

Your ego is vital to your existence as a spiritual being; it is not the culprit keeping you from experiencing your divinity or the here-and-now. Instead, it’s your disconnection from ego that causes a sense of loss or the absence of unconditional self-belief and self-love.
Admission: $10; $8 seniors & students

The ego is the most misunderstood aspect of our human psyche, says Vincent Genna, MSW; there are contradictory definitions and understandings in the field of psychology, and there is even more ambiguity within the spiritual, metaphysical, and new thought movements. Confusion about this fundamental trait of our humanness gets in the way of fully realizing ourselves, our magnificence, and our divine gifts. In this talk, Vincent will show how, by embracing and giving the greatest priority to nurturing your ego—instead of suppressing it—you can reconnect with the One Source, All There Is, the Loving Force, your Higher Self, God.

As part of his presentation, Vincent will lead a guided “spiritual reverie” in which he leads us to reconnect with our egos and with Spirit. What one major question would you like to ask of Spirit? Come prepared to ask it, and you may receive an answer during this exercise.

An intuitive messenger and spiritual teacher, Vincent has over 28 years of experience in the fields of metaphysics, psychology, and spirituality. As an intuitive, he obtains guiding messages from your soul, angels, and God that provide healing for issues of your body, mind, and spirit. He has appeared on NBC, WRAL, WDCG, international radio shows, and in Lifestyles Magazine. He lives with his wife, Eileen, in Wake County. Learn more about Vincent and his work at www.VincentGenna.com.

Vincent promises a “unique, energetic, enlightening, shift-making, and empowering” evening. “Come prepared to learn, resonate, laugh, enjoy, move, and be moved,” he says.

A Gift from Vincent

In honor of the holidays and in support of SFF, Vincent is offering one-hour private sessions for a special rate of $65 (regularly $80) and donating a portion of the fee to SFF.

Receive transpersonal intuitive guidance and messages from your soul, guides, angels, deceased loved ones, past lives, God, and the Universe to gain full clarity on issues of body, mind, and spirit. The discount applies to sessions scheduled for the special dates of Friday and Saturday, December 2 – 3, and to gift certificates purchased (for yourself or for someone else!) at his talk on December 1. Contact Events@Spiritual-Frontiers.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.


December 1, 2011
7:15 am EST - 9:30 pm EST

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