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Joseph Pio Asterita—The Mystery of Earth Energy and Sacred Geometry

April 1, 2021
7:00 pm EDT
- 9:30 pm EDT

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The magic and mystery of earth energy grids, ley lines and sacred geometry, with a focus on the Triangle and North Carolina, will be the topic of SFF’s April lecture presented by Joseph Pio Asterita.

Joseph, who lives in Saxapahaw, is an expert in earth energy research. He has spent years traveling the world, discovering ley lines and clearing earth energy blockages with other lightworkers. He also creates sacred geometric art pieces to help raise energies.

“I tell people that what we do is like Indiana Jones spirituality, but instead of going out with a whip and a pistol, we walk out with crystals and dousing rods,” says Joseph, who promises to tell fascinating stories about freeing earth energy by liberating deceased souls.

Joseph explains that earth energy grids are similar to the energy centers, or auras, of people, and that problems occur in both when there are energy blockages.

He describes earth energy grids as “higher dimensional energy systems” that encircle our planet. They form around energy centers that may be located at key geographical locations and flow in energetic lines to other energy centers.

“Your personal energy field,” he notes, “has its own grid system, energy centers or chakras and meridian lines that acupuncturists use for therapy.”

Like people, the planet also has meridian lines, which are called ley lines.

“The meridians around our body influence our well being,” notes Joseph. “Likewise, the ley lines around Gaia effect the planet by providing a path for higher dimensional energy flow. The Triangle area of North Carolina has three major ley lines running through it. I call them ‘The Ley Lines of the Triangle.’ These energy lines have, on a higher dimension, influenced the Triangle and the Triad’s growth and development.”

Joseph will share his knowledge of the Triangle area’s ley lines along with illustrations of them. He will also talk about the possibilities of energy lines within our solar system, which may connect Gaia to other planets.

Joseph believes it is important to clear energy blockages from the earth, just as it is important to heal energy disturbances in the human body. He explains it this way:

“Illness, injury, emotional and mental trauma can significantly disrupt or block the energy flow of our own auras. These blockages, if not corrected, can lead to further complications. Likewise, trauma or injury on the physical surface of the earth blocks its energy flow through ley lines, which in turn deprives the planetary surface and those on it from the natural higher dimensional energy flow. These traumas result from wars, death camps, battles, massacres and any other human-caused conflict. Clearing these blockages is important to restore Gaia’s natural energy fields.”

As part of his talk, Joseph will offer examples on where and how these clearings are accomplished and what individuals can do to assist the integration of these areas back into balanced harmony.

Another one of Joseph’s favorite topics, which he will speak about, is sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is indirectly related to earth energy systems because it uses harmonic patterns, symmetries and ratios found within creation. The study of sacred geometry covers numerous fields, from the design of the Great Pyramid, the balanced structure of the Chartres Cathedral, Stonehenge and the Platonic solids, to a personal mandala that may assist one’s soul development.

Joseph will discuss using sacred geometric designs such as the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life and the Lotus of Life, and how they can be used for one’s personal spiritual growth.

More About Joseph

Joseph started working with earth energy grids 20 years ago while studying Native American spirituality. Hiking through the state forests of New York and communing with nature, he sensed certain areas that were psychically alive, and others that were not. Studying earth energy, he found these places to be vortices, both positive and negative.

When he moved to North Carolina in 2003, he continued studying and found relationships between mountains, lakes, rivers and seashore points that formed ley lines. Again, some were free flowing, while others were negative and blocked. Forming an energy team with other light workers, he started using spiritual energy to unblock these ley lines. Currently, he works with three light worker teams to enhance energy centers with more energy and to integrate discordant energy locations.

Joseph has traveled to Egypt, Scotland, Central and South America as well as around the United States, discovering ley lines and clearing energy blockages. For the past four years, he has fabricated sacred geometric art pieces for people to raise energies indoors and outdoors.

Retired from corporate management, Joseph has a BS in management and holds three professional certifications. He is also an Air Force veteran, a flight Instructor with over 2,500 hours of flight experience, a published author, a metal fabrication artist and an energy healer with multiple certifications.

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April 1, 2021
7:00 pm EDT - 9:30 pm EDT


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