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Laurel Kassor–Astro Outlook: Navigating the Cosmic Currents of 2024

January 4
7:00 pm EST
- 9:00 pm EST

The New Year brings more than just resolutions; it also offers us a whole slew of astrological energy that is sure to make a big impact on the events and experiences of 2024!

Get a glimpse into the future and arm yourself with powerful cosmic insights for the upcoming year with our special lecture, Astro Outlook: Navigating the Cosmic Currents of 2024, presented by Professional Astrologer and Intuitive Coach Laurel Kassor.

  • Please note: If you want a discounted one-hour reading with Laurel in January, click here ASAP. Only 5 spots are available at the SFF reduced price of $100.

In this live Zoom webinar, Laurel will delve into the fascinating world of astrology, providing you with invaluable insights into the major planetary movements and celestial moments that will shape 2024. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the cosmic influences at play and their potential impact on your life and the world around you over the next year.

Whether it’s the major movements of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the flickering lights of the eclipses, or the backward motion of certain planets (looking at you Mercury 😉 ), Laurel will ensure that you get the starry scoop on what the skies have in store for 2024.

By the end of this immersive cosmic talk, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and awareness needed to navigate the upcoming year’s energetic currents with confidence and excitement. Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast or a beginner, this workshop will provide you with valuable tools to make the most of 2024.

And, as a participant, you will be able to ask Laurel direct, face-to-face questions during the second half of the program.

More About Laurel

Laurel is an intuitive alignment coach and professional astrologer with over 12 years of devoted spiritual and astrological studies under her belt. Her private practice, Attuned Alignment, has been serving the spiritually curious since May of 2021.

With the assistance of practical spiritual tools and deep intuitive insights, Laurel guides clients toward ascension and alignment to their authentic nature with warm enthusiasm.

Having run (and grown) through the gauntlet of low-level, fear and scarcity-based living, Laurel is driven by a fiery passion for helping people break out of the prescriptions of what life “should” be and intentionally optimize their experience of life.

Her expertise lies in Hellenistic astrology and tarot, which is amplified by her intuitive channeling abilities. With her highly developed talents and skills, Laurel facilitates, accelerates and encourages your spirit’s quest for conscious, intentional and empowered living.

Laurel believes that when we learn to harness the energetic forces that reside in us—and around us—we’re capable of ascending to and embodying our highest potential. By teaching people how to live in alignment with their own energetic blueprint and that of the cosmos, Laurel hopes to inspire them toward a more mindful and warm perspective of the influences and circumstances in their life.

In addition to Laurel’s heartfelt desire to help others transform their lives, she also has a deep love of teaching. She offers astrology courses and mentorship programs intended to connect and educate others traveling along a spiritual path, equipping them with practical intuitive tools and unwavering support along their quest for knowledge.

Mark Your Calendars Now!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with a like-minded community and gain the cosmic insights that will set the tone for your year. This event is a chance to start your year with confidence, excitement and a deeper connection to the universe. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a transformative journey into the stars!

For more information about Laurel, visit www.attunedalignment.com or @attuned_alignment on Instagram.

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See you soon!

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January 4
7:00 pm EST - 9:00 pm EST



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