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Suzette Faith Foster – Navigating Unique Times While Awakening From Separation and Suffering

February 4, 2021
7:00 pm EST
- 9:30 pm EST

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Navigating Unique Times
While Awakening From Separation and Suffering


Are you ready to allow Divine Light in to dissolve old, unsupportive programming, contracts, vows, unworthiness, fear and beliefs that separate you from God/Creator? In this talk, Suzette Faith Foster of Boone will offer ways to help you allow the Light in so that your body and life situations can respond and harmonize for your highest good.

“We’re all part of the ascension process,” says Suzette, a speaker, author, healing facilitator and transformational coach, who in 2005 sustained and overcame the same kind of severe spinal cord injury as the late actor Christopher Reeves.

“Our souls chose to be here during these times of great shifts. Let this program inspire you to remember more fully the all that you are and why you are here. Get excited and empower yourself to create more wholeness, harmony and understanding by viewing your health, life and world situations from a higher perspective.”

Suzette will use her miraculous healing story and high vibrational energy field and teachings to assist you in deepening your belief in the innate power of your mind and in making the best of life’s challenges. She maintains that true healing and inner peace can happen when we embrace two main beliefs:

  • It’s not what happens to us that matters; it’s how we view what happens that helps us transcend challenges.
  • All my needs are met in my oneness with God/Creator.

Suzette’s Zoom-based presentation for SFF will include wisdom sharing; a 15-minute clip of her miracle story, which was part of the nationally released movie, “I Hope You Dance,” available on Amazon; an experiential shifting of anger, lack and limitations; 30-minutes of healing through a guided chakra clearing; and a Q&A.

More About Suzette

In 2005, Suzette flew over the handlebars of her mountain bike and received injuries almost identical to Christopher Reeve’s; she was paralyzed and stopped breathing. Defying Western medicine’s understanding or expectations, she used her mind and embraced her oneness with God to regain her breath. Her doctor, the director of spine surgery at Duke Medical Hospital, said she should have died at the scene. The EMS took 17 minutes to reach her.

After surgery, her doctor expected her to remain a quadriplegic. Undeterred, she engaged her beliefs and her energetic and spiritual skills and refused to give her condition any power. She focused on dancing and wholeness. Again, unexplained by Western medicine, she began very slowly walking 18 hours after surgery. Within a few months, she was fully functioning. She continues to live life from her empowering and life-enhancing perspective.

“Even if you already know my healing story,” says Suzette, “I promise this program will be loaded with wisdom, healing and transformational energy for your highest good.”

Suzette, who owns and operates a coaching and healing practice, Choose 2 Thrive, offers in-person and remote healing sessions to empower others and energetically support them along their healing journey. She has helped her clients avoid scheduled surgeries, discontinue medications, and heal their pain, cancer and addictions. Emotionally, they have reduced stress, life chaos and old programming to create more inner peace.

Her book, “Calling Back Your Power,” and CDs are designed to help people create their own transformations and unlock the gate to an easier, happier, and healthier life in alignment with the truth of who they are.

Suzette used to live in the Triangle and was a board member for SFF. She and her husband now enjoy the pristine mountain energies in Boone. As part of www.32Centers.org, she and others are holding space for the Boone Global Light Center. Guided by the Arcturian star tribe, this facility will be a center for healing, education and oneness.



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February 4, 2021
7:00 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST


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