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Dr. Darren Weissman — The LifeLine Technique®:  Evolve Your Mind, Change Your Life

November 3, 2022
7:00 pm EDT
- 9:00 pm EDT

Are you ready to awaken to the life of your dreams? Do you want to be able to consciously choose inner peace, confidence and mental clarity?

SFF is extremely pleased to offer a live Zoom session with Dr. Darren Weissman, a chiropractic holistic physician and international speaker in the field of consciousness, who will help us create our ideal lives using an experiential process he developed called The LifeLine Technique®. To register to attend, visit Eventbrite and look for an email with your link.

The LifeLine Technique is an integrative therapeutic system known to transform human behavior and biology by processing emotions buried in the subconscious mind. It helps people develop emotional resilience through individual support and personal development to evolve the pain, fear, and trauma of their lives into a better version of themselves.

In the group healing session that Dr. Darren will lead for SFF on Nov. 3, you will:

  • Create intentions with action steps to design your ideal life
  • Manifest strength and resilience in how you think and feel about yourself and the world you are a part of
  • Enhance the health of your body
  • Activate a whole new level of inner confidence, peace and purpose 

Dr. Darren’s passion is to teach people how to intentionally change the emotional programs of the subconscious mind via learning The LifeLine Technique. The program’s tagline is, “When you evolve your mind, you change your life.”

Based upon his expertise of the subconscious mind and holistic health, Dr. Darren has been featured in the award-winning documentary, HEAL, available on Netflix, and the films E-Motion, Making Mankind, Beyond Belief and The Truth, a series on GAIA.

He is the best-selling Hay House author of “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude,”“Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind,” “The Heart of the Matter,” and his children’s book, “The Daily Lessons of Infinite Love & Gratitude.” All of these books are available on Amazon.

He is a contributing author for Dr. Masaru Emoto’s best-selling book, “The Healing Power of Water.” He has also written for numerous magazines including Natural Health, The Huffington Post, Prevention and InStyle.


“Building upon the latest in mind-body research, Dr. Darren Weissman’s process reveals how we can quickly access and reprogram limiting beliefs that undermine our health and behavior,” says one of his many advocates, Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., stem cell biologist and author of ‘The Biology of Belief.’ “Dr. Weissman’s work offers insights that free us from self-sabotaging stories and emotions so that we may create the positive futures that we desire.”

Dr. Darren works with clients worldwide through The LifeLine Wellness Center, www.thelifelinecenter.com, with remote LifeLine sessions.

As part of his Nov. 3 lecture, Dr. Darren Weissman has kindly offered to support SFF by selling two of his life-changing programs through SFF during November.

One is an online introductory course about the LifeLine Technique called LifeLine Ignite. This is an on-demand program that consists of six separate modules, four webinars and practice sessions.

The other is his full LifeLine Certification Program, which prepares and certifies you to be a LifeLine Technique Practitioner. This extensive program consists of 16 modules, 12-week teaching cohorts and two hours of coaching with a LifeLine coach. This program starts on Nov. 1 so you need to act fast to sign up.

We invite you to read about each program and decide which will benefit you the most.

Connect with Dr. Darren Weissman

(847) 714-1531

Remember to register via Eventbrite.

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November 3, 2022
7:00 pm EDT - 9:00 pm EDT
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