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Earth Changes and Ascension: Personal, Planetary, and Universal ~ Joe Weaver

March 1, 2012
7:15 pm EST
- 9:30 pm EST

As more energy comes into our solar system from the Central Sun, the lower frequency energy that exists on the Earth has to be released,” writes Joe Weaver in a recent blog article. The release allows for the higher frequency energies to be grounded in the Earth, he says. “The same principle applies to our physical bodies. Once we clear the space for higher frequency energy… to come in, it flows in without resistance.”
Admission: $10; $8 students & seniors * New location *

In this talk, Joe will explore the energetic, magnetic, and physical adjustments that have been transforming the Earth for the last several years. The magnetic grids on Earth are in the process of being replaced by a higher-frequency crystalline grid that exemplifies unity, community, and love. This evolution is tied to the endings of several time cycles and to the alignment of our solar system with the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Our natural ascension is an expansion into freedom—a process rather than a single event—tied to these planetary and universal changes, Joe says. Personal ascension is the evolution of our consciousness and energetic systems—that is, the level of love at which we vibrate—so that the physical body can merge with its higher self and yet remain able to walk and live on the Earth. We also evolve as groups of souls who incarnate and work together over multiple lifetimes. The Universe evolves, too, ascending in cycles of about 26,000 years; we’re at the ending-and-beginning of one such cycle now. These multiple layers of change can provoke fearful patterns and disempowerment, so Joe will suggest mind, body, and spirit techniques or processes we can use to align ourselves with the changes and release fears.

Joe has long had an interest in the natural healing ability of our bodies and in working as an energy therapist. He is a teacher of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing and Self Transformation—which encompasses many energy modalities. He has been sharing his insights about Earth changes and helping people with ascension through classes and workshops for four years. Students at a recent workshop described him as “a gentle yet powerful teacher,” “compassionate and supportive,” and “encouraging and knowledgeable.” He is also the founder of the Energy Therapy Alliance, an effort to unite the many modes of energy therapy under a defining universal name. He lives in Rolesville with his wife and six-year-old son. For more on his work, see his website, www.TheDivineBalance.com.

We’re on a course of accelerated change, Joe explains. “With higher frequency consciousness comes increased intelligence. Look at the quantum leaps and advancements in technology and communications we have made [in the last 100 years]. This shift has been in motion for a long time. It doesn’t have to do with something ending in 2012, it has to do with what is beginning in 2012.”


March 1, 2012
7:15 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST


Hart Center
Mebane, NC 27302 United States
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