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Lee Lawrence–The Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

May 4, 2023
7:00 pm EDT
- 9:00 pm EDT

Just as the human body can experience “growing” pains, so too can our spiritual body, says our May 4 speaker Lee Lawrence, aka “The Man Who Reads Souls.”

“Spiritual growth involves a soul cleansing that often brings deeply buried, subconscious traumatic experiences to the surface, creating difficulties in a person’s life,” says Lee, a popular SFF speaker. “The number one symptom reported by people going through a spiritual awakening is an emotional cycle of ups and downs that resembles bipolar disorder or manic depression.”

In this presentation, Lee will help us understand the signs and symptoms that can be associated with a spiritual awakening, why they exist, and techniques to resolve those issues and set us free. To register for the event, visit Eventbrite.

Lee feels particularly drawn to helping people understand the effects of a spiritual awakening since he himself has had a life-changing, near-death experience. That experience, he says, has enabled him to directly observe the connections between souls, and has given him a knowledge and understanding of relationships, chemistry and attraction that goes beyond conventional psychological theories.

“My hope is that I offer attendees a life-changing presentation that will provide them an understanding of themselves and society from a perspective unavailable anywhere else,” says Lee.

As part of his talk, Lee will present a roadmap of the various stages of soul growth and the related experiences encountered in life as we grow through dependent/co-dependent relationships toward self-actualization. He will shed light on the patterns encountered in mid-life-crisis and the diminishing of self into transcendence, which he affirms, “is the ultimate goal and reason for being in these physical bodies.”

Lee will also explain how empathy works and how to protect oneself from experiencing the pain and suffering of others while seeking to transcend the self and perceive directly with consciousness beyond the physical body.

More about Lee

Lee has been a presenter at SFF for many years on various topics, including the science of the soul, the anatomy and physiology of the human soul, and his near-death experience. He has traveled the world, presenting at universities, conferences and churches on the various aspects of consciousness experienced during a spiritual awakening. His presentations bring all religions together with a higher level of understanding of the human soul.

For more than 30 years, Lee has been known as a “Kundalini Therapist” in that he assists people who encounter difficulties during a spiritual or Kundalini awakening. His specialty is perceiving consciousness as a physical object and helping people remove obstacles to love in a way that minimizes pain and suffering during spiritual growth.

Referred to as a mystic and “the man who reads souls,” Lee has a deep knowledge of many religions, psychology, anatomy, physiology and neuroscience that enhances his ability to teach and explain complex concepts in easily understandable terms.

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May 4, 2023
7:00 pm EDT - 9:00 pm EDT




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